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06 January 2013 @ 08:55 am
Happy Holidays chaebol! Exchange fic: "Safe Keeping" (Part One)  
Title: Safe Keeping
Genre: Romance, supernatural, (slight)angst, smut
Rating: R
Beta: threepiecesuits
Summary: The demon knows more about Jaejoong’s heart than he should.
11470 wc

Jaejoong wakes up early one morning with a monster sitting at the end of his bed. By early, I mean before the sun’s rays are even peeking over the horizon. And by monster, I mean, an actual, real monster from those bedtime stories from your childhood.

At first Jaejoong doesn’t react. He thinks it’s a dream, considering he had been woken up rather gently by the creature, and stares into the strange red holes where its eyes are supposed to be. With its humanly-shaped form, Jaejoong actually mistakes it for a human in his groggy state. He thinks it might be one of his friends. But then the slender monster arches its back and opens its mouth, growling menacingly from the back of its throat, that’s when Jaejoong notices the unnatural thinness of its neck and the strange horns atop its head. When a sudden rush of fear bolts him into an upright position, shoulders pressed against the headboard, the monster lifts itself, a continuous rumble echoing in the dark room. Long, pointed claws dig into the bed sheets, one finger grazing alongside the lump of blankets that covers Jaejoong’s leg.

Inching away, it freezes, the bed shifting under the monster’s light weight. Since there’s just a creepy red glow in the sockets in its skull, the human can’t tell where the thing is looking. It feels like it’s looking him dead in the eye, but he’s not sure. He’s not sure of anything. He’s not even sure if he’s breathing.
It moves as if it were on the prowl, a hunter after its prey. Slowly and carefully, ready to pounce and attack at any second. Its whole body shifts, head facing the petrified human, and it moves back until there’s the space of the whole mattress between them.

When Jaejoong finally blinks, the creature is gone.


He wakes up on the couch, flops to the floor and begrudgingly gets up, wincing as his spine cracks as he straightens himself out.

“Ugh, ow,” he mumbles, blinking sleep from his eyes and scratching his scalp. He’s a little ashamed to say that he had been so freaked out from his nightmare that he went to sleep in the living room, ceiling light on.
He goes about his daily routine, showering and running out the door with breakfast hanging out of his mouth, and continuously glances down at the time as he bolts through the late-morning crowds of pedestrians. He flies down the stairs, hurts himself on the turnstile and nibbles on breakfast as people bustle around him.

But this morning, as he peers over the tracks and down to see if he can spot the light of the train, two red dots gleam back at him.

He turns away and throws his food out, buying overly priced water from the stand instead. It’s all he can stomach.


Jaejoong doesn’t believe in monsters; the sandman, the boogey man, those one eyed monsters hiding in his closet. They don’t exist. They’re not real.

But for some reason, he finds himself sleeping with the desk lamp in his room on for a few nights. He’s just a little rattled up from the nightmare of the monster on his bed. He thinks he’s doing better until he starts spotting the creature while he’s awake.

He’s watched ghost movies and films on the paranormal, and wouldn’t call himself an expert, but if it’s anything, he thinks he might have a demon in his house. A few days after his nightmare he spots the monster in the reflection of the bathroom mirror with its head cocked to the side and its eyes red. By the time Jaejoong turns around, there’s nothing there. Only hours after that encounter, as he’s shakily getting ready for bed, he leaves on the ceiling light and curls under the blankets. Just as sleep begins to settle, the lights flicker off. He sits up so quickly that his mind spins, disoriented.

The room seems darker than usual, swirling around him, thick and heavy. His breath hitches and his skin rises with goosebumps, a dreadful chill rising from the pit of his stomach. Staring into the abyss of darkness, Jaejoong’s heart stutters because his room is never this dark. Ever. His curtains aren’t heavy enough to block out the city lights.

“Is there someone there?” Jaejoong feels almost childish, his ears picking up on the negative silence of the room, ringing to a point where it aches his head. He clutches the bed sheets and glances towards where the door should be.

He’s not sure why he doesn’t move, but fear of the unknown bolts him to his spot. He pushes his back up against the backboard and wills his heart rate to even out. He reaches for his phone, blinking at the brightness of the screen as he hastily searches for the flashlight app. He needs light.

Just as the light floods the room, the mattress shifts with extra weight and Jaejoong’s heart lurches into his chest, pointing the light right into the eyeball-less sockets of the demon. Whatever it is, it’s real, and Jaejoong can’t help it when he screams. His body moves on adrenaline, flinging him from the bed and sending him crashing through his house to get out the front door. He moves so fast that he doesn’t notice there’s someone standing outside his apartment door until they’ve collided painfully. Jaejoong tumbles and the stranger holds him, spinning them around with the force of impact and pinning Jaejoong up against the wall. Without a single emotion he looks the raven-haired male up and down, the corner of his lips curling.
Had Jaejoong not been so terrified, trembling like an insane man and hiccupping through his tears, he’d be embarrassed of his intimate position with a handsome stranger.

“T-there’s…. i-it’s…” His teeth clatter and his legs give out, dropping him to a pile on the floor. The taller, study-framed male takes a step back and watches as the pale man on the ground tries to compose himself, still trembling hysterically.

“I’ve scared you,” the stranger says, his voice strong but smooth. As he blinks, as his eyes turn bright red and Jaejoong realizes this is the monster.

“W-what do y-you w-want…”

He kneels down, face-to-face, his eyes red and his horns more prominent now. He smirks, teeth jagged, lips curled dangerously, and touches Jaejoong’s cheek with his palm. He’s warm, his skin is smooth, and he feels like a human.

Behind him, his tail swishes. “I want you, human. I want your heart.”

Jaejoong blinks, and he’s alone in the hallway.


He’s not sure if he should just move the hell out or stay at a friend’s house. He calls Yoochun, a good friend of his and tells him he’s been having some odd nightmares that really freak him out, and he just needs one night of company. Luckily, Yoochun is an understanding guy, and tells him to come on over.

“You need to get yourself a boyfriend.” Yoochun peers over his book and at the television at whatever his friend is watching. “This way I don’t have to lie to my boyfriend.”

Jaejoong frowns and inches a little farther away. “Wait, you lied to him so I could stay over?”

“Well, kind of.” Yoochun puts his book down and shoots his friend a reassuring smile. “Usually he likes to stop by on his way home from work, but tonight I told him that it wouldn’t work. If I told him you were here, he’d probably get moody and jealous and worried that I’ll do something with you.”

The brunette slumps into the pillows and feels the guilt slowly start to stab at him. “I’m sorry, if I knew that you had to cancel plans him with I would’ve stayed home.”

Yoochun rolls his eyes and pulls Jaejoong close to him, resting his cheek against his head. “If it was a big deal I would’ve said you couldn’t come today. Besides, I see him every single day. One day isn’t going to kill me.”

Feeling a bit relieved, Jaejoong untangles himself from his friend’s arms and goes to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. He closes the door behind him and borrows some of Yoochun’s soap to scrub his face. As he rinses off and reaches for the towel, he’s surprised to find it’s a lot closer than he remembers it being. When he opens his eyes to find the towel rack, he spots a hand instead.

His body immediately reacts by jumping back and reaching for the door handle, instinct pushing him to move out of the bathroom and back into the safety of Yoochun’s vicinity – the monster wouldn’t attack him if he’s with someone else, would it?

“Ah, ah, where are you going?” the monster drawls, gripping the human’s wrists. He smiles, his tail swishing lazily behind him. “I just want to talk.”

With his heart in his throat and his stomach tight with fear, Jaejoong’s incapable of making any objections. He swallows thickly and feels a strange feeling rise from his stomach, up through his palpitating heart and through the tightness of his throat. Just as he inhales sharply, fear ready to spring from the tip of his tongue, the creature catches on and has Jaejoong pinned to the wall in seconds, a hand over his mouth to keep him quiet.

For an agonizing few seconds, the thing doesn’t say anything, visibly tracing the contours of the human’s body in a flimsy tank and low-waist pajama pants. Then he moves closer, pressing their bodies together and holding Jaejoong in place up against the wall.

Everything about his body feels so normal that it throws Jaejoong off. He can feel bone and flesh and unless it’s just the intensity of his own heartbeat, he’s sure he can feel that, too. The monster’s hand is warm against Jaejoong’s skin, there’s a soft breath against his face and the thing even blinks normally. He parts his lips, teeth straight and white and perfect – minus the exaggeratedly large canines – and his eyes are a little small. When he blinks, a human-looking pair of eyes take place in the empty sockets. They’d be a little less scary if the monster didn’t look so threatening or had the irises been a normal human color instead of red.

As Jaejoong takes in the sight of a sharp jawline, of caramel skin and a small nose, he begins to feel less and less fearful. Maybe it’s the creature’s hesitance to do more than just trap him like this or maybe it’s the fact that the human-form has even the littlest of details – like the little mole atop the curve of bow-lips – that make Jaejoong think that he’s dealing with something he can handle.


Jaejoong says something, muffled by the other’s palm.

Clearly confused, the monster removes his hand, still watching carefully.

“I said, Kim Jaejoong. My name is Kim Jaejoong.” The monster opens his mouth, but Jaejoong continues to speak, “What’s your name?”

Yoochun knocks on the bathroom door and in what appears to be a cloud of smoke, the creature disappears.


Jaejoong goes a few days without seeing the monster, but he knows that it’s not the end of it.


He gets around to buying a small, globe-shaped lamp that doesn’t provide much light but still helps him relax at night. He always falls asleep with it on, and wakes up with it still on. But one night, just as he’s drifting off into the clutches of the Sandman (he’s beginning to wonder if that’s even real) his groggy state of mind picks up on the sudden lack of light, the sound of the switch flickering off distant to his ears. His body clings desperately to sleep but his eyes open anyway, glancing through the darkness as his hands reach for the chord. The lamp turns back on and with the dim illumination, Jaejoong spots the monster’s black form hunched against his bed. It’s not the monster that scares him, but the proximity.

“I didn’t think you were going to come back.” Jaejoong smiles, his positive reaction causing the thing to cock its head to the side.

This demon is – dare he say it? – Cute.

“This would be a little easier if you were in your human form.”

The monster moves back on his haunches, (Jaejoong assumes it’s a man because of its’ human form) and snarls dangerously. But Jaejoong pats the bed and scoots.

“You can come sit.”

It growls again and is gone.

The sudden silence rings heavy in Jaejoong’s ears, and he searches around the room for any signs of movement. There’s a rush of air at his side and the bed dips, the monster’s human form appearing right there only a few inches from him.

“You’re not afraid of me.”

Jaejoong blinks, unsure if he’s supposed to acknowledge that statement or not. He leans back when the man moves in, scrutinizing him.

“Why is your heart the way it is?”

Jaejoong only blinks again, confusion becoming clear across his face. “What do you mean?”

“How old are you?”


“Have you never been heartbroken?” He leans even closer, invading the human’s personal space. “Why have you never been in love?”

Jaejoong’s brows furrow together in sudden frustration. “I love my mother and my father –”

“In love with someone who’s not of blood-relation. I’m curious, because your heart is so guarded, but you’ve never been hurt by a lover, your happiness is pure and genuine. A heart as beautiful as yours is hard to find, and I want it. But there’s your soul…” His large palm is placed against Jaejoong’s chest, staying there to feel the gentle thumping.

“Why haven’t you taken it?” Jaejoong’s voice is barely a whisper.

Their gazes find one another’s in the darkness, a dense aura blanketing over the stillness. It pushes the monster closer, his brown bangs falling and brushing over his eyes; catching in his eyelashes. Jaejoong wonders if he’s deranged for thinking that a demon is attractive.

“Because it’s not just your heart that’s beautiful.”

The words spark a whole different sort of nervousness through Jaejoong’s system. He looks up into the other’s unyielding stare, the double meaning of those words soaking into his skin and into his heart. He wonders how much this thing already knows about him. How long has it been following him, unnoticed until it decided to come out of hiding? Or most importantly; where did it even come from?

Jaejoong’s skin tingles with the barely-there touches that the demon’s fingers graze over his pajama top, skimming over his exposed collarbones and causing rising goosebumps on his body as his jaw fits neatly into the demon’s palm. His thumb slides along a soft cheekbone, rendering Jaejoong soft-willed. If this is some sort of game, Jaejoong’s lost. He’s given up.

It’s not that Jaejoong’s never loved – it’s more like he never had the chance to love. People come and go and Jaejoong’s learned to never get too attached. He’s never had this sort of close intimacy with another person, and found himself almost never craving it. If someone comes along, they’ll come along.

The demon inches closer, his kind of dangerous situation thrilling and thrumming deep into Jaejoong’s bones. He’s still very aware of the red eyes; of the horn and tail and sharp teeth, but knows that beyond outer appearance there’s more on the inside.

“What’s your name?”

The creature says something that doesn’t sound like anything Jaejoong’s ever heard before. It sounds like a tangle of tongues of some ancient folklore, too long and complicated.

“I’m sorry, what?”

In a blink, the demon is gone.


The demon is a little put-off that he doesn’t scare the human anymore. He kneels on the couch and watches the man scurry around the kitchen, glaring whenever those brown orbs are shifted in his direction. His tail swishes and Jaejoong’s reminded of a cat. But he doesn’t say anything.

“Do you like the name Yunho?”

The monster rests his chin against the back of the sofa, silently waiting for an explanation.

“I was looking through a list of names, and I think Yunho fits you. It was either that or Minwoo. I like them both.” Jaejoong stirs the meat in the frying pan and catches the other’s shifty gaze to the food.

“I’m not a pet.”

“I never said you were, but I can’t pronounce your real name. Yunho is so much easier than calling you demon all the time.” He reaches for some spices and looks back in the red-eyed man’s direction. “Are you even a real demon?”

Yunho’s eyes narrow and his tail swishes angrily. In just a blink of the eye not only has he moved across the living room and kitchen, close enough that his breath is in Jaejoong’s face, he’s transformed into that slender, black creature that still manages to haunt Jaejoong’s dreams. He stumbles back with a surprised gasp and stutters, “O-okay, dumb question, sorry.”

The demon makes his way back to the couch, slumping over it. By the time Jaejoong looks back at him, he’s in his human form.

Yunho is apparently a master of awkward silences. He sits on his haunches on the couch, glaring over the back of the sofa as the human makes dinner. Jaejoong feels uncomfortable with the pair of eyes scrutinizing him so closely, and wonders if the thing can eat normal, human food as well. He’s cooking enough just in case.

“So, um,” Jaejoong clears his throat and looks in the demon’s direction. Yunho tips his head to the side, his bangs brushing just below his eyebrows. “Where did you get your human form from?”

Without missing a beat, he responds, “Out of all the people I’ve killed, he had the handsomest face.”
Jaejoong nearly drops a whole plate of rice.


Yunho had gotten clearly upset when he was referred to as a pet, but he never once complained about being given a name. Besides, he acts like one; coming by for food, so it’s not as though he can complain. He stops by every so often, his sudden appearances and bright red eyes always scaring Jaejoong and leaving him panicky for seconds. He can’t walk up and say hello, he can’t knock on the front door. He appears behind Jaejoong when he’s facing a mirror, when he’s turning the lights on or when he’s doing something embarrassing.

Like singing and dancing in the shower.

Getting into the music and pretending his shampoo bottle is a microphone, he turns the water off with his foot and wraps his towel snug around his waist, making a grand entrance out of the shower.

He forgets about the guest that stops by like a stray cat, and is so startled by the sight of Yunho sitting on the bathroom counter that he falls to the floor.

“Why are you in here?!”

Yunho shrugs, amusement clear across his face. “You’re not bad.”

Had Jaejoong not been so embarrassed, he’d feel accomplished for discovering that Yunho has more emotion than his usual belittling glare and that he’s capable of giving compliments.

“Get out!!” Jaejoong screams, flinging his shampoo bottle.

Yunho disappears, but his raucous laughter echoes in the bathroom.

Jaejoong’s face is so red he feels it burn into his ears and neck, too.


Yoochun stops by one night, he had been on this side of town, and ends up staying a few hours just to say hi to his old high school friend. They chat over a cup of coffee and the sound of some crime drama on the television behind them. But eventually, as it gets late, over Yoochun’s shoulder and through the open doorway to Jaejoong’s bedroom, the darkness shifts. Jaejoong’s heart sinks when he spots Yunho’s glowing red eyes. He’s reminded there’s a demon in his house, and he fears for Yoochun’s safety.

Just as he’s about to say something, his heart twisting because he really doesn’t want to let his friend go, there’s a knock on the front door. Yoochun waits patiently as the homeowner goes to answer it.

“Yunho?” Jaejoong hisses as he sees who it is. “What are you doing?”

Yunho smiles at him, a sudden, uncharacteristic warmth spreading from him. He leans in, cupping the back of Jaejoong’s neck and pressing the softest of kisses to the brunette’s forehead. It makes Jaejoong’s heart beat so fast he thinks he might go in cardiac arrest. His hand slips from the doorknob as his palms are suddenly sweaty with the feeling that explodes through him and makes his legs feel like jello.

“Ah, did I come at a bad time?” Yunho’s brown eyes flicker to the guest. As he brushes by, Jaejoong notices that the horns and tail are gone as well.

“No, no,” Yoochun’s eyes light up at the well-dressed man that enters. “I was just leaving.” He squeezes his friend’s shoulder and grins when Yunho’s not looking. Yunho is strikingly handsome, but Jaejoong remembers that the demon said it’s the face of some dead guy and he cringes a bit.

“Good night, Chunnie,” Jaejoong smiles apologetically and watches the other two men exchange a quick good night. As soon as Yoochun is out the door, the raven-haired male turns on a heel and glares. “What was that?”

With a sly smirk, the other responds, “What was what?”

Jaejoong turns pink and flails as he motions to the door and the kitchen and space. He stumbles back and presses his palm against Yunho’s chest, keeping the demon at an arm’s distance.

“What is this?” He stares at a pair of polished Steve Madden shoes and then glances back up at that crooked smirk that makes his heart twist. “If you’re going to keep coming on to me then don’t bother coming around anymore.”

With a look of mock innocence, Yunho breaches the smaller man’s personal space and their chests bump, Jaejoong stepping back again. “Why? I’ve only done it once.”

“No, no you haven’t.” His argument is a bit weak. “The first time we met you pushed me up against the wall and sometimes you walk in on me changing and don’t think I don’t catch you staring and just now you kissed me.” Focusing his gaze back up from the floor, Jaejoong’s surprised to see their faces so close. He moves to make a more comfortable distance between them but the demon grabs him roughly around the waist, pulling their bodies too close too quickly. Jaejoong swallows dryly and blinks, keeping his back arched to keep at least a reasonable distance between their upper torsos. But when one arm wraps around his waist to lock him close and another hand cups the back of his neck, his defenses weaken and he’s pulled right up against the other man. He can feel the buttons of Yunho’s top dig into his chest through the thin fabric of his own shirt and the push of Yunho’s belt buckle into his stomach. He swallows thickly again, unmoving even as a hand unwraps from his waist to pose Jaejoong’s arms over Yunho’s broad shoulders.

He’s pulled closer; his heart hammering and his skin tingling and his brain whirring into uselessness, and everything in him crashes when the soothing husk of Yunho’s voice meets his ears, “What I did at the door wasn’t a real kiss, Jaejoong-ah.”

Jaejoong’s never been kissed before. And with the way Yunho holds him so securely around the waist but so gently by the back of his neck, it feels like so much more. Their lips are touching so softly that Jaejoong makes a small, blissful sound. He relaxes completely, worries melting from his bones and all sorts of negative thoughts are thrown out the window and forgotten. He forgets about everything – about the fact that Yunho is a demon and they haven’t even known each other long, and hugs him tighter around his neck, relishing in the harder press of their lips and the soft wet sounds their lips make when slotted so perfectly together. Yunho’s not demanding nor is he over-stepping any boundaries. His hands stay in place and his tongue stays in his mouth, just his lips coaxing a wonderful response from Jaejoong’s own. He pulls away with a playful tug on Jaejoong’s upper lip, and when he smiles the way he does, Jaejoong gets so lost in the high and so dizzy that he leans in again, tipping his head to the side and pressing their lips back together, not caring that he needs oxygen.

They haven’t known each other long, but everything about this kiss and unexpected intimacy feels right. There’s something in Jaejoong’s chest that suddenly feels the closeness; he feels like he needs this. Because his heart gets heavy but high and he gets drunk on happiness.

“But you’re not human,” is the first from his lips as they break apart only centimeters, lips still touching and bodies tense with want for more kisses and less words. Jaejoong isn’t even sure of his own words; they don’t process in his own mind. He can’t grasp what he himself had just said. It’s just a kiss, and it feels like his toes are curling. He feels like he could conquer the world.

Yunho’s reaction is a little late. “Mh-hm,” he offers quietly, his gaze suddenly distracted and curious. But Jaejoong hardly notices, his heart still soaring.

Then Yunho continues a bit off-handedly, “It’s nothing to worry about.”

“No?” Jaejoong’s eyes glisten and the corner of his lips curl happily. He leans in for a soft peck, and Yunho feels a strange ripping sensation in his chest. It’s a physical pain that’s soothed by another sweet kiss.

Yunho can feel more than just the purity of Jaejoong’s heart; he can also feel the settlement of a dark cloud that clings onto Jaejoong’s aura. It’s that very darkness that attracted him to the human in the first place. It’s such a strange conflict with the man’s pure heart. And as much as Yunho wants to tear open Jaejoong’s chest and feed off of the organ for his own pleasure and immortality, his own heart is whispering something inaudible, and he leans back in to capture Jaejoong’s lips once again to ignore the strange feelings he’s never had before.


Despite it being unintentional, there’s tension in the air.

Yunho knows more than he should about a part of Jaejoong’s life that he’s not willing to converse about, but it’s only the very, very frayed edges that he can pick up from Jaejoong’s aura and emotions. Yunho’s a demon that feeds off the grief of others. He’s hyper-aware of even the slightest change in the human’s mood. Jaejoong’s default feeling is happiness but when he remembers that the horns and the tail are there, he gets a little apprehensive.

He gets agitated when Yunho sneaks up on him or wakes him up in the middle of night because Yunho decides he’s going to sit on the foot of the bed, or when Yunho disappears for hours. Jaejoong also gets annoyed when he can’t read Yunho’s expressions. He still doesn’t understand what tones mean because Yunho’s voice is steady and calming. It’s only every so often that he becomes detached, his eyes fixed on the human’s chest even as he moves about.

Jaejoong’s worried about their relationship because he’s not sure if they can even have one. But when Yunho smiles at him or hangs around for longer than usual, fingers lingering, he feels happy.


“What’s more comfortable, your demon self or your human self?”

Yunho peers over from the other side of the couch, then directing his attention back to the television. “Either or.”

Jaejoong scoots a little closer. It’s been a week since their kiss and things are still up in the air and Yunho’s still as bi-polar as ever. Either he hovers too close or he stays away at a ten-foot distance and acts like Jaejoong is diseased.

“Can I say something?”

“Aren’t you going to say it anyway?”

Jaejoong frowns and scoots closer. “I don’t get you, I thought you were going to eat me and then I thought…” He blushes when the demon smirks. “I meant literally, like kill me and eat me. Get your mind out of the gutter.”

Yunho turns his attention back to the person only sitting inches from him, and raises his eyebrows to signal that Jaejoong’s now fully got his attention.

“You scared the shit out of me.”

“I could tell. Sometimes I still do, right?” His red eyes flicker down to Jaejoong’s chest, right where his heart is. Jaejoong remembers the very first words Yunho ever said to him, I want you, human, I want your heart, but thinks of their kiss and he gets angry because he just doesn’t understand.

“Why didn’t you ever kill me?”

Yunho inhales deeply, breathing out and puffing his breath up to flick his bangs from his eyes. His usually straight hair flips out and stays like that, and Jaejoong resists the urge to pat it down and run his fingers through brown locks of hair.

“I haven’t killed a lot of people. I’ve killed very few people, actually.”

“When were you born?”

Yunho shoots him a look of skepticism. “I wasn’t born, but I came to be in the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty.”

Jaejoong’s eyes widen and his jaw drops.

“I spent most of my life in hiding. I know for some time I was trapped by some crazy, crazy witch. She had me locked in this jar.” He curls his palms around the air in front of him, giving Jaejoong a visual of the size of his prison. “I don’t…” He pauses, breathes, and conflict flashes through his eyes. Jaejoong thinks it’s strange that he acts so human. If it weren’t for the demon-like features that are a constant reminder of what he is, Jaejoong would’ve long forgotten that he’s dealing with a monster. “I don’t have to kill people to feed off them. I suck up their negative emotions; off their grief and depression. It’s what keeps me alive.”
“Have you…” Jaejoong stumbles to find a word that won’t make this extremely sexual in only seconds. “Have you ever, y’know, tried to take my feelings?”

Yunho smirks and his eyebrow cocks and Jaejoong’s already turning bright red. “Have I ever sucked on you?” Jaejoong tries his best to glare. “No, that’s why I’m here. You’re intriguing. And I know you won’t tell anybody.”

There’s amusement clear on Yunho’s face, and it’s times like these when Jaejoong just wants to kiss him. Before he knows it, the desire is clear in his eyes and Yunho’s becoming tense.

“How am I intriguing?” His voice comes out airier than expected.

“…We’ve been over this,” Yunho says quietly, his voice now that delicious smoothness that dribbles right down to his cock. He only hears it when Yunho’s teasing him, getting close but then moving so far.

“I have one more question.” Challenge gleams in his eyes and the demon becomes wary. “I didn’t know demons could be gay.”

“Oh, but that wasn’t a question.” Yunho throws the challenge back, daring him to do something.
Jaejoong’s unsure of what aspect of their relationship makes him so excited and hot, but he’s never felt like this before. He’s had his fair share of cute crushes and crushes fueled by lust, but there’s something about this – he gazes at the distance that’s between them – that just make him crazy. He wants more out of it; and by more, I mean in every way possible.

“Do you like me?” He dips forward, his libido flaring instead of dropping when there’s a tentative hand against his chest. Yunho’s expression and tone stays the same, but his body is trying to fight off desire.
“I’ve already said I’m interested; you’re intriguing. How much more of an answer can I give you?”

Jaejoong brings Yunho’s hand from his chest to his cheek, nuzzling it, their eyes locked and fiery. Just as Yunho’s gaze strays, Jaejoong peeks his tongue out, gliding over a strong palm. He inches his lips closer to Yunho’s skin, licking and sucking gently on his wrist, kissing his veins and tasting his skin.

“You said my heart was interesting.”

“A heart is symbolic of more than one thing, is it not?”

When Yunho’s dialect switches as it does, getting a little thicker with accent it only fuels Jaejoong’s lust. He moves from Yunho’s wrist to his elbow, nibbling along the skin of his biceps up to where his lips meet the fabric of a grey t-shirt. He gets closer, pressing his lips against a shoulder joint, feeling the muscles flex under his lips.

Their eyes meet and Jaejoong swallows thickly, so nervous and horny that he feels sick. He feels frustrated all over again when Yunho’s gaze shifts away.

Cupping his jaw and moving closer, Jaejoong latches his lips onto Yunho’s neck, satisfied when he feels a hand in his hair and the rumble of a moan against his lips. He sucks a little harder and nibbles on Yunho’s flesh, wondering if he can leave a hickey. His fingers tangle in the ends of soft hair, massaging their way up against his scalp and earning wanton moans from the taller male. Only moments ago Yunho had been sitting with his feet planted on the couch, leaning against the armrest with his long legs curled to his chest. But now both feet are on the floor and his hands are on Jaejoong, one in his hair and one counting the knobs down his spine.

Jaejoong’s fingers touch one of the horns sticking out of the top of Yunho’s head. His fingers touch the bone, circling around it and trailing up the side. It doesn’t feel as though there’s skin or anything on it, it feels as dense as bone, so he assumes Yunho feels no pleasure in it being touched. So instead he touches the cartilage of his ear and trails up in search of kisses.

As if magnetically, their lips find each other’s and Yunho twists his body onto the couch, one leg fitting between the back of the sofa and the body that presses against him, the other foot still planted on the floor. He pulls his hand from locks of black hair and instead feels down Jaejoong’s back to the bump on his belt slung low on his waist, and back up. He groans loudly when their hips meet, his erection strained in the tightness of his jeans and the extra pressure brings a pleasured pain through his body.

Jaejoong arches into him, kissing with more fervor, gladly opening his mouth and dancing their tongues together when he feels Yunho’s tongue slithering against his lips. He moans into Yunho’s mouth and gasps when adventurous fingers sneak under his shirt, warm hands touching the dimples in his lower back. He responds with a harder kiss and cups Yunho’s cheeks to keep him in place and their lips meshed and tongues intertwined. He shudders when nails just barely dig into his skin, leaving red marks down his back on either sides of his spine. And when Yunho’s hands venture lower, palming his ass lewdly and squeezing, Jaejoong breaks their lips apart with a crude wet sound and moans gutturally. Then Yunho does it again, this time their hips bucking together and Jaejoong pants breathlessly, Yunho cursing in his ear.

But then Yunho’s gone.

And Jaejoong wants to scream and punch him in the fucking face.

He searches for Yunho around the room, his blurry vision focusing on the sight of Yunho all the way across the room, leaning against the wall with a careful look in his eyes but a tent in his pants and Jaejoong whines loudly and needily, and Yunho’s muscles tighten.

“We can’t.”

Jaejoong sits because he can’t quite stand yet. “We can’t what? Yunho, just…” He sighs heavily, faint from the crash from his high. “Come here and kiss me.”

Yunho’s eyes dance around Jaejoong’s figure, looking at something that no one else would be able to see. He finds the path of Jaejoong’s gaze and stares intently, tension thick. “We’ll talk about this later.”

“Yunho –”


With one flick of his tail, he vanishes.


Jaejoong’s in the bedroom a few evenings later putting away clean laundry when he hears the sound of the television. He moves only a few steps into the living room, standing there awkwardly as he begins to tug on the strings on his pajama pants. Yunho doesn’t turn to look him, only speaking gently, “You’re usually asleep by this time.”

“I’ve been worried about you.”

Yunho glances over so quickly there’s only a small flash of red over his shoulder. “It’s not me you should be worried about.” And there are so many ways that statement can go that Jaejoong doesn’t know how to respond. Instead he changes his original comment.

“I missed you.”

From the distance, Jaejoong can’t really decipher if the way Yunho stiffens is a positive or negative response. Instead he continues to pull on the string around his hips, itching to touch the man.

The demon turns off the television, getting up and making his way over. His lips touch Jaejoong’s forehead, and when he speaks, he only adds to the graveness that’s surrounding them.

“It hasn’t been that long since we’ve met, Jaejoong, and even though my physical appearance is very close to a human’s, you cannot forget that I am not. And as a creature that can’t normally live amongst humans, I will not be able to give you the kind of relationship that our own relationship seems to be going.”

Jaejoong swallows nervously. “So this relationship is going somewhere?”

Yunho’s brows furrow in frustration. “Did you not listen to the first thing I said?”

“Of course I did, but, this is just as important.” Jaejoong looks up and finds the other’s gaze. He’s no longer afraid of their strange color. “Where is our standing and where is it going, exactly?”

“Friends don’t kiss, Jaejoong.”

You kissed me first.”

Yunho pauses, his gaze softening as guilt begins to spread. “And I shouldn’t have.” He allows Jaejoong to pull him closer, but still manages to keep more distance than Jaejoong wants there to be. “I didn’t plan on it, my feelings got the best of me. In the beginning you were nothing more than an interesting toy.”

“’Your feelings’,” Jaejoong repeats back to make sure they’re loud and clear. He opens his mouth to speak, but decides last minute that actions speak louder than words, and he’s standing on his tiptoes to kiss the other man.

Yunho makes an effort to pull away, but it’s not enough. He feels the pull of their lips, the warmth that fills him from just that sweetness is addicting, and their lips linger, brushing as Jaejoong stays close as Yunho’s leaning back. Yunho wants this more than he should, he wants this much as Jaejoong does, and he can’t ignore it. He wants to but he can’t. It has nothing to do with how strong he is because he feels it in his heart, and that’s something he can’t pretend isn’t there. When they kiss nothing else matters but it should. There are so many other details that should matter.

“Kiss me, Yunho,” Jaejoong whispers, gripping Yunho’s collar a little tighter. “Kiss me, because I know you feel this too.”

And he leans in and kisses him, pulling their bodies together so close that he can feel the synced beating of their hearts.

“Come lay down with me tonight.” Is the first thing from Jaejoong’s lips as they pull apart for oxygen.

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