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11 March 2015 @ 07:52 pm
Happy New Year, jiyool! Exchange fic: "Prank/Practical Joke"  
Title: Prank/Practical Joke
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Comedy, Romance, AU [Werewolf AU]
Warning: failed attempt at almost everything including the humor, yeah..
Summary: Jaejoong is the alpha wolf searching for his mate.. yeah right
jiyool reguest:

Prompt 1: A werewolf fic with Mpreg (preferably). Yunho is an Alpha and Jaejoong is an Omega (or submissive?). Junsu is a werewolf with powers to see mating bonds? Yoochun is the beta? While YunJae doesn't know that they are mates, Yoochun and Junsu tries to bring them together? And Changmin is forever raiding their fridge for food.
It will be preferable if the fic is light, comedy and fluffy with romance? Comedy is very important for me.
YunJae has an alpha son, Moonbin, an omega daughter Jiyool?

A/N: first of all I deeply apologize for all the scare that I might have given to the xchange mod.
First time writing a fic so I am not even sure if this could considered proper to be read (sorry) But I do hope there are those who enjoy this lame attempt of humor.
Title of the story come from the actual song titled same Prank/Practical Joke from the Taiwan film 'Its started with a Kiss' so you may want to listen to it as it is the song that I play while making this story :)

MOD Note: This fic is incomplete. The writer has expressed their regret at being unable to finish this fic for jiyool due to writer's block and hopes that posting the first part will help motivate the end. Be sure to leave lots of encouraging comments! :)

Jaejoong, the ever so beautiful ‘alpha wolf’ is now searching for his so called mate.

yeah right .

YooChun scoffed at Jaejoong narration before rolling his eyes.
"You really like to take us on a trip to Egypt aren't you?" he ask amusedly, at which Jaejoong counter confusedly "what? what do you mean?".

" Well… you are constantly staying in that river" he pointed the last two words in mock chuckle. Jaejoong blinked his eyes in confussion "what river?" and YooChun sighed. From behind him Junsu popped up and chirped in echo "yeah, what river?" he asked inocently. YooChun facepalmed internaly before shaking his head and wondering again why he is friends with the two of then and then he remembered that the Kim’s family and the Park's family have been in.. somwehat close 'relationship' for so long and he realized why..

"anyway.." he tried to change the subject.. "why are you so hell bent on finding your mate huh hyung? You are not like this before?"  Jaejoong eyes light up at the mention of his favorite topic "well, Chun-ah, its because I could feel it you know? I mean I haven’t think about it because I never feel the pull of the mate before but now"

" then how do you know that’s a pull of the mate?" Junsu mumbled curiously before he meep-ed seeing Jaejoong eye-crossed him.

"And I mean it, I mean, yes, Jessica or Tiffany, or Boa is cute and all but I never feel a thing to them at all"

"yeah well, you are too busy bloating that you are prettier than them Jae." YooChun added airly which Jaejoong didnt pay any attention as he continue on his tirade.

"But now I could practically feel it every now and then, I think I will got myself and omega because I dont really find girls interesting enough and yeah, I am more beautiful than the girls in entire school, totally" he added.

Junsu who have been listening attentively on Jaejoong rambling, scratched his head "arent Jaejoong hyung supposed to be an omega?" YooChun just shaked his head indicating JunSu to just let Jaejoong be.

"Like... Right now!" Jaejoong sniffed in excitement. "Ohh!!I could really smell it clearly right now!" He practically flung the door open and sprinting out "YooChun ah, Junsu-ah, come on, I'll show you my mate now!" Jaejoong exclaimed as he made his way. "Uh oh.." YooChun quickly rushed to catch Jaejoong, completely aware of the unexpected (in Jaejoong eyes) outcome that might happen. Junsu also come along as they followed Jaejoong direction. All the while he mumbled out the “especially loved cinnamon and musk smell  of his so called mate” until they reached what apparently the boy changing room and without so much of a preamble, the self proclaimed alpha flung the door and promptly crashed into someone who happen to be in the front of the door.

YooChun winced as he saw both men tumbled on the door. Two groan resonated as both trying to get up for their position in the floor; but at the same time Jaejoong also manage a sniff at the cinnamon musk scent of the person he is crashing at and eagerly opened his eyes only to be meet with a round thick glasses. “So he is your mate Jae?” YooChun ask almost comically.

Jaejoong eyes widen so big before he give a big one in the gut of the groaning boy in front of him sending the person tumbling again. “NO WAY IN HELL!!”

Hearing the loud exclamation JunSu rushed faster till he see both of his friend cornering a very distrupted…


JunSu blinked in before looking at his hyungs “ As I say…”, Jaejoong menacingly grabbed YunHo collar and punctuated each words, he tighten the grip of the boy collar making the poor boy chocked and gasped for air “No.. WAY... IN.. HELL!”

”Oh my god” JunSu whisper horrified as his eyes glowed into golden and silvery color all the same time, the mysterious secret power that he have, the power to see the wolf who have found his mate emerge and there it is, two transparent werewolves, one, a greyish brown wolf he have known as long as he live nudging and nuzzling another unknown black wolf he never see before. Both transparent wolves was standing in the exact position of where his two hyung supposedly be.


After fleeing from the scene, guiltily leaving a disrupted YunHo alone, if JunSu could admit, he and YooChun could only watch as their very distrupted hyung pacing back and forth in front of them.

Jaejoong couldn’t believe what have just happened. Did it just really occur that the nerdy Jung YunHo is his mate? “no no” he quickly dismissed that thought. Well, he do admit that he have went overboard back then, punching him two times that is. But in his delirious state of mind whereas he thought he finally found the omega to his alpha and then suddenly what he see is that small shining brown orb eye blinking back at him -which is actually rather cute-

Okay, hold that thought for a moment. Did he just say cute and that nerd in one sentences?

Since when he even aware of that damn nerd eyes color? Last time he remembered, he never particularly pay any attention to that nerd, a human nerd moresoo. Sure they are classmates and somehow YooChun and JunSu and begrudgingly him are...somewhat friends with him. It never really occured in him to pay attention to the man.

Because its just weird, well, you know, because both YooChun and JunSu and himself, they are not just a normal school student, all of them are actually wolves.

Yep, fellow reader, werewolves exist. But hold the thought of somekind of gruesome battle within clans and wars within the sipirtual and magical creature. We are not in that kind of suspense hardcore story anyway, this story is supposed to be fluff and comedy mix up together perfectly with-

Sound of someone clearing his throat could be heard from the back.


Again, yes, werewolves existed. And in modern time of werewolves, we are just some human who could transform into a wolf. That’s easy right? Aside from that additional abilities and some basic advantage of body strength, we didn’t have any other differences with other normal human being, we enjoy burger, watching tv’s, playing games and updating our status on twitter (@bornfreeonekiss) and IG (@bornfreeonekiss2, btw so follow me :D)

“Jae, you are being side tracked again”

“Oh, yeah- sorry sorry, thanks Chun“

Soo, where I was again? Oh yeah, so that is also why we are now attending human schools just like any other normal kids, blending together with the rest of the human society. And Jung YunHo is one of those normal human –nerd-kids, which somehow, weirdly, become a close friends with both YooChun and Junsu, even often spending time together with them.

He never really consider about it before but come to think of it, it is strange enough that YunHo have been so accepted by them in school, moreover its them who approach the man first if he could recall, as the nerd is never the one to start any conversations. All the time, he could remember seeing him in the same position, silently reading books in the corner of the class with glasses perched on his pointy nose. Long hair being swept by the wind, silently murmuring the word he read in that husky tone that..

Anyway, Jaejoong shake his head again trying to erase the tiny sparkle along the image of that certain nerd, which he won't ever admit also how he could know of YunHo habit of reading.

You couldn’t really blame Jaejoong not noticing someone as silent as Jung YunHo, who will be usually sitting in the end of their table not engaging in any conversation. He also have really small aura of existence that even if he vanish from the table, Jaejoong might not realize it.

And he even befriended Changmin! well for Changmin it might be not so weird after all, considering YunHo is likely the only one in class who will understand anything that Changmin said which is not about food. Really, those two seems to have words on their own whenever they are talking about theory and formula’s and whatever gibberish and utterly nonsensical things they say, damn those two tall men with those long legs which seemingly go to no end. And speaking about long, that Jung whatever he is (“YunHo!”) have also long fingers, wow and now he also realize about the nerd long beautiful piano fingers which is he begrudgingly admit is some kind of a fetish that he have. That nerd does hiding many things from him. And what else’s huh? Might be done with it now that he ever have time to lament about that Jung YunHo whatever he is..

Oh yeah.. that cupid bow lips.. hmmm… and that mole above his lips which is just right in there..

The hell? Jaejoong stop his pondering when he suddenly realized...

“Did I just.. think about that damn nerd?? Did I just think about his kissable lips or that cute mole above?” Jaejoong asked or more like wailed to no one in particular.

“well, yeah, you just describe the same but we didn’t get to hear the ‘kiss-able’ part or the ‘cute’ part on the mole thought” YooChun watched in wonder from his seat when his words finally registered in his hyung mind which now seems to go from one polar to another .

‘Oh. My.God. I didn’t just think about him and saying it out loud ohgodohgod”

“YooChun-ah..” JunSu whispered all the while watching his hyung flailing around, “Its really its YunHo isn’t it?” YooCHun who understand JunSu tone answered without looking, still busy watching the apparently very distracted hyung of them.

“Now what do we do?” JunSu ask worriedly as he watched their agitated Hyung still going on in front of him. “Jae-hyung is nearing omega wolves usual first heat phase, I believe we really need to do something before its too late” he continue.

“I think,, we need to find reinforcement” YooChun mumbled, Junsu nodded strongly at that “okay” he said and watch curiously as YooChun took out his wallet. “You have spare money?” he ask the confused boy.

“Noooo..!! Nooo,! Think about other thought quickly Jaejoong! Think another thought!”


YooChun never really understand why JunSu seemingly know or really sure about the whole 'who are the mate of whom' all this time he know him. But his opinion and confirmation was always right all this time (courtesy of so many bonds he have witnessed coming from the couple JunSu pointed out) so he doesn’t have any reason not to trust JunSu on this, no matter how strange it is now that Jaejoong mate is a human being.

“So.. YunHo hyung is Jaejoong hyung’s mate?” Changmin mumbled while munching at his third snack. “Yeah..” YooChun answered while grabbing one of the cookies in the table filled with food, before being slapped away by the maknae.”Yah!” YooChun exclaimed in surprise at being slapped. “Its my food! You gave it to me!” both Changmin hands start to literally hug the food to his side. Junsu sighed.

ChangMin was silent for a moment before he start  “but.. YunHo hyung.. he is a human, a weak one that is, its so strange that he is Jaejoong mate” Changmin continue.. “JunSu, are you sure that YunHo is Jaejoong's mate?” ChangMin asked, which prompted JunSu to think about the same matter. JunSu couldn’t help to ponder again about what he see just back then. The ghost of the black wolf was certainly not any wolf than YunHo’s wolf form seeing that at that time it is only four of them and JunSu have seen all three of them in their wolves form and neither of them have black fur, but it is making it all the more strange because as far as they all know, YunHo is (was) a human being. YooChun and ChangMin stare at JunSu who are torn between how to answer the question as he couldn’t reveal the power that he have.

“Yes.. “ he nodded “I don’t know either why he is Jaejoong-hyung’s mate, but he is.. and he is a wolf, I don’t know why, but he is.. YunHo hyung is a werewolf..” JunSu answered helplessly, not knowing what to say anymore. YooChun put his arm around JunSu shoulder squeeze it before they continue.

ChangMin gulped his juices and closes his eyes, he take a small breath before opening it and start “Again… so, we need to do something for both of them before anything happen to either one of them” Changmin conclude as he open the 10th row of the biscuit.

All their previous conversation looks like never happening and JunSu sighed in gratefulness toward them who believe in him “Yeah.. that’s why we need your help to think of a way” YooChun ask while JunSu just looking at them.

“Hmm.. how about we make them see the point that each of them like” Changmin started “He really hate YunHo nerdy-ness though” YooChun counter, “With new clothes and good glasses he will look different” Changmin continue..” but he really is to weak for Jaejoong taste” YooChun answered back this time “If he is Jaejoong mate, than he must be at least close to alpha wolf type, so with right amount of exercise he could easily fill in those tights, hands, and stomach”  Changmin nodded in agreement “Yeah I guess,  Jae hyung like it ‘hunk’ and ‘abs’ isn’t it?” Changmin commented offhandedly “Yeah, like that Choi Siwon type or that Rain or HyunBin type” YooChun answered in the same offhanded tone. “Ah, yeah, they do have great abs tho” ChangMin lament “horse tight, six pack” “hmm... the kind you want to run through with your hands” YoocChun nodded. “Yeah, or to squeeze, you know, being hugged by..” “..yeah, strong… protecting type sorts…” “hmm, typical movie protagonist” “strong, handsome.. sexy” “yeah..hmm…”
Sound of someone coughing snapped both perfectly male alpha wolves from their conversation, they look at each other before shuddering slightly. Eww

“So”, Changmin again concluded, “we need a make over and exercise?”

“and lots and lots of time together”  YooChun added.

“Yeah” Changmin agreed “what about Jae’s family?” “Nah, they are easy-going I think”, YooChun explained, “not really bothering the fact that their only son is omega is testament enough”

“Yeah you are right” Changmin gulped the last of his soda.

“So we have a plan now?” YooChun could see a hope on this. “Apparently so” Changmin answered with a grin. The perfect plan for YunJae couple.

“Uh.. guys..” JunSu who have been silent for the whole meeting decided to speak. “ You don’t consider YunHo-hyung feelings toward Jaejoong hyung?” He ask confusedly, getting more confused after seeing both of his friend snicker.

“Nah, YunHo hyung is easy ‘nough” “Yeah” Changmin added. “Once Jae-hyung fall for him, even the silent YunHo will be a history”

“ Oh.. So I guess Jaejoong thinking that he is an alpha wolf isn’t a problem either right?” JunSu smiled.

Both YooChun and ChangMin looked at JunSu who blinked innocently at them “right?” before they faced each other. Both simultaneously facepalm.

“back to the plan board” Changmin sighed.

After another long hours of seemingly fruitless plan making, Changmin finally come out with a conclusion which is to “let them be”

“WHAT?” JunSu couldn’t believe what he just hear. “well, that’s the only way I could think off.” Changmin muttered “If both of them are mate, they will eventually find their way toward each other “YooChun agreed wholeheartly on the explanation, or maybe he just couldn’t found any other way to solve their current problem. “Oh my God I couldn’t believe I just waste my time with both of you like this” Junsu is really pissed off right now that both of his so called friends are literally not helping at all.

YooChun who realizes JunSu agitation tries to placate him “Hey, I really do believe that if they are mates, eventually the will be together, you’ve seen all those mates right JunSu? Aren’t all of them going together fine?” He said softly.

“Fine!?” JunSu eyes have turned dangerously gold as he shoot YooChun a look, a swirls of silver lingering in his eyes as he eyed the transparent dark brown wolves appearing from beside YooChun, the wolf padding the class floor before gently nudging on his ankle. His eyes are back to YooChun who are taken a back with JunSu sudden outburst. “I’ll tell you what Park YooChun, If you think that by lazying around waiting and just let them be, then your mate will eventually fall on your lap, then don’t even think of mating at all!!” JunSu barked before stomping out of the class leaving YooChun and ChangMin in shock.

‘God, why do I even let myself believe in those two, especially YooChun for mates matter’ Junsu grumbled in disbelief as he make his way to their next classes.

Thought on his way, he spotted Jaejoong hyung also making a way to their next class. He was about to approach him but stopped at his track when he saw a bunch of their werewolves classmate approached Jaejoong first.

“Hey, Jae” Seung Hyun is the first to greet the pretty man by clapping their hands together, but then, much to Jaejoong dismay proceeded to put his hand around Jaejoong waist while the other boys began to circle him. “You are becoming more and more pretty each day”, DaeSung whistled. “How about growing your hair a bit hun?” Jaejoong eye twitched at the mock nick name by HyunJoong who are now twirling one end of his hair. “Yeah, so that you are more inviting to us” SeungHyun proceeded to put his finger on Jaejoong chin.

Jaejoong just smirked as the boys strarted to joke around each other about him, and before they even aware what have happened Jaejoong have jabbed HyunJoong in gut before taking Seung Hyun hand and twisted it until his body crashes flat on the floor.
He kicked DaeSung in the chin before planted his feet hard to SeungHyun back and growl.

"If any of you dare to mock me again..” Jaejoong snarled at the boys who are backing away, some rubbing their bruises, while SeungHyung grimace in pain. “ I swear I will take make you regret knowing me..” Jaejoong hissed before throwing SeungHyun hand away. Grumbling as he walk away from the place.

JunSu could only watch as a yellow glow flashes on some of the boys iris. “That bitch better watch it!” DaeSung growled, ShiWon who have been silent in the back patted his shoulder. “He wont be like that anymore soon, once we are done with him” he snicker.

JunSu who have been petrified, quickly rushed to hide as the groups approach the hallway he is standing. He took several big gulps of air before checking that the hallway is empty and proceeds to walk faster this time.

This is why, he couldn’t help to be worried, Jaejoong is strong, so strong that he might be even stronger than some lesser male wolves, so strong that he could believe that he is an alpha and not an omega, he could even outed YooChun if he really wanted to, while YooChun himselves could be considered an alpha, or (a beta to ChangMin). He will need an alpha as his mate (which have been subject to YooChun and ChangMin nightmares for several years as both are alpha wolves). And because of that, JunSu couldnt help but to worry on Jaejoong safety and he have made it his mission to ensure nothing bad will happen to his Hyung.

“That’s it, I will just do it myself” JunSu pump his fist, swearing that he will bring his two hyungs together no matter what.


JunSu's Plan No.1 : Mention the good things about YunHo.

“Jaejoong hyung, aren’t you think YunHo hyung is a good person?”

“What? Why so suddenly?” Jaejoong looked at JunSu weirdly.

“well..” JunSu began, “he is a smart right?, and he is good at doing his job as the class leader, you know helping us out and all that”.. Junsu tries.. “and..and..he is also.. ehmm..well..” JunSu stagger. Crap, why YunHo hyung doesn’t have anything good to mention. JunSu just realize the biggest flaw to his 1st plan.

Jaejoong raised his eyebrows. “Did YunHo just asked you to say that?” He narrowed his eyes while JunSu shook his head repeatedly to deny, Jaejoong eyed him in disbelief, scoffing “You hear me JunSu-ah, I don’t know what is your plan with him but whatever you say, that nerd better know his place and stay the hell away from me. I mean, who would want to be in 3 meter radius with that blockhead? have you actually seen his hair? I mean, even the horrendous Harry Potter hair when the I think their mad producer suddenly think ‘ohhh long hair is so in time for the next instalment of Harry Potter lets make him look half girl and half 40years old man, yeah that’s good idea, which is not by the way’ are even better than his hair right now and believe me when I said that coz I really tried the best that I cant to bury my desire to cut those hair through the entire movie”

“Oh, so that’s why you look pissed off when we are watching the Triwizard episode that time” YooChun quipped.
“Yeah?” Jaejoong answered nonchalantly “And here I thought you are just bored on the movie”

Jaejoong continued “And his glasses, JunSu ah, why don’t he just try to find something more suitable for a glass, did his style is really is that gross?”

“uhh…” a voice from beside them catches their attention. Standing with his tray of food, YunHo arrived to join them for lunch.

YooChun coughed a bit, while JunSu looked at him apologetically “I guess I’ll just eat somewhere else then..” YunHo mumbled before leaving their table.

JunSu could only watch helplessly as YunHo went away before looking at Jaejoong. He catches the guilty look that flashes Jaejoong eyes but quickly erased it and continues eating albeit sulkily.

JunSu heaved a sigh. Plan 1 and also actually Plan 2 (to have YunJae eat together) Fail.

Jaejoong couldn’t understand for the life of him why his friend (s?) is currently seemingly trying oh so very hard to put him and Jung YunHo together in one place. Like for this time when he find himself (who are usually paired with either YooChun or JunSu or ANYONE except Jung YunHo) currently working on chemical substance with the nerd. How does he know what is the instruction for their task when he is busy being disturbed by the presence of the annoying nerd?

One second he was pouring some substance in his hands suddenly a smoke and small explosion have happened in front of him. Jaejoong doesn’t even know where to start apologizing for that matter nor he even get to say thank you for the man snatching the bio-hazard liquid from him. He deemed that it isn’t necessary considering that the man only have burned hair, which is good because now he have to tie that disturbing hair and he really do look more presentable without all that tangled hair obscuring the view of apparently a very nice jaw, no no no no Jaejoong didn’t really care, really.

Or not, Jaejoong almost grumbled in annoyance, now that many of the girls being weird. Why they suddenly stealing glances at the nerd? What’s with that blush creeping along their cheek and the hushed whisper? Are they all using a little too much blush on? (and no, Jaejoong know that only because he have 8 sister and he never use it. Sort of)

Or at PE Class, which Jaejoong swore it wasn’t his fault that he is too preoccupied with catching a glimpse of the nerd that resulted in him almost got hit by a ball, it wont affect him to much of course and he could dodge it alright if not for a certain nerd that happen to watch and decided to play hero by shielding him, and resulted in taking the ball first in the face.

Jaejoong still goraned at the memory of seeing YunHo nose with all the blood pouring out from his face which prompting him to freak out much to the shock of his classmates who appear not to care about all the blood in YunHo, he almost demanded them to “bring an ambulances! What are you doing standing there!!” before ChangMin remarked that YunHo nose have been weak and he used to have nosebleed episodes. Jaejoong could only blink his eyes before promptly shoving YunHo head from his laps with a bright pink face. He never ever feels as much embarrassment as he have that time.

And moreover after that which he is shoved to carry YunHo all the way to the infirmary with all the snicker he got from his OWN friend a.k.a ChunMinSu. The most embarrassing part is that the nerd actually smells nice, as nice as his supposed mate actually is that he ends up sniffing him out of blue. He almost let out a whinny tone he never thought he had before he realized it. And even after that, with how close they were when he carry YunHo, the smell of the man couldn’t be erased from his own body that make him all the more annoyed because he is constantly battling with the need to sniff it or to throw it all over the very end of the world.

So when JunSu have even cufflinked his and YunHo hand for the rest of their class session, it really is Jaejoong last strain.


Jaejoong have been furious, rage to say the least, he have gone through a long tirade of how ungratefull JunSu is to subject him to all of the ploys that he have. “But Hyung, I just wanted to help..” JunSu explained meekly as he un-cuffed both of his Hyungs hand.

“What help are you inusiating in here huh?” JunSu cringed at that, looks like they really pissed his hyung right now.

“If we were never a friend to begin with, I am almost thinking that you are trying to piss me off which you are doing a fantastic job at it!” Jaejoong ranted to a very guilty JunSu.

YooChun who saw how helpless JunSu is decided to reason with Jaejoong. “Hey, Jaejoong-hyung, I don’t think JunSu mean any harm, don’t be so harsh on him”

“Well, you are also enjoying this aren’t you YooChun ah?!” Jaejoong snapped at him which YooChun winced. Bulls eyes.

“And. You. Mr. I am snickering in the background with a chip in my hand” He pointed at the meeping ChangMin.

“ I didn’t do anything!” Changmin retorded almost hastily. “Hmm?” Jaejoong raised his eyebrow. “These two wont even find all of this plan without your help-don’t raise your eyebrow at me- I am more clever than you think I am. You will dream about all of my cookings. And only dream it, because I wont even boil a water for you from the time being” ChangMin chooked on his chips and cried out pleadingly “You wouldn’t do that to me” Jaejoong side eyed him actually “watch me

Jaejoong then gave his best glare to the silent Jung YunHo in the background, how on earth he now recognized the nerd on his angry tirade he doesn’t know but he will not be leaving without giving a piece of his mind to the seemingly to calm of a nerd. He marches toward the nerd until they are almost nose to nose. Jaejoong have been prepared to ranted all of his annoyance but wrong move on Jaejoong part as he could easily catches a whiff of YunHo smell do to their proximity and his nose is assaulted with strong smell of cinnamons and mocha and Jaejoong is lightheaded.

He is tempted, oh so very tempted, to just lean his face and to bask in the smell and before he even know it, he have almost done what he is thinking but managed to snap out of it.

“NO!” He pushed the bewildered YunHo away, cheek flaming in embarrassment or arousal or whatever it is Jaejoong doesn’t knew and he wouldn’t want to know.

“You!” he pushed YunHo again "Whatever you are planning to do, I wont..” and again cinnamon, mocha and that musk penetrated his nose and Jaejoong is lost, he shake his head to escape the headiness before quickly scrambled away in confusion.

“Jaejoong!” “Hyung!” all of them watches as Jaejoong leaving the scene and how YunHo rushes to follow him.

'What is this?' Jaejoong walked as fast as he can away from them and moreover away from the certain person whom have distracted him for the whole day.

He doesn’t understand himself lately, his emotions have gone haywire ever since he stumbled into the nerd. He is easily annoyed, easily distracted, all because of that one man, and when he even take a sniff of JungYunHo body, his body reacted almost instantly, tingling sensation that send shiver from the tip of his toe to the top of his head. Jaejoong stumbled a bit when he feel hot flashes somehow coming from inside of him, his breath become uneven.

“Wha…” he could fell something, liquid like seeping out from his inner tight and Jaejoong gulped. He know this sympton, emotional distrupt, the heat, the self lubrication. He have heard it several of time during lesson, never even thinking that it will actually happen to him.

The side of his eyes catches the movement of several pads of foot. He could feel their presence, even before the growl reaches him.

Jaejoong gulped, “shit” okay, Jaejoong concluded. Apparently he is an omega.

The pads of paws closing up to Jaejoong. a total of six big dogs, wolves, began to slowly surround Jaejoong.

“Err.. boys..look.. I really didn’t mean what I say back then.. hehehe” Jaejoong tried in apologetic tone, he backed away when the wolves moves toward him. “Really..” using the cutest tone that ChangMin hate the most Jaejoong tried “You wont hurt me right?” He blinked his eyes a couple of time before smiling at them.

“Look!” Jaejoong shouted to another direction, making the wolf turn around and he took off. Jaejoong run, as far as human feet could make him. “Oh shit, oh shit oh god damn shit”

In his head Jaejoong silently pleaded sorry for all the time he have denied his friends exclamation of him being an omega. “Oh my god what do I do now, oh shitttt!!” Jaejoong cried out when he could hear the approaching foots step behind him. He could easily shifted into his wolves form and tried to speed off, but knowing that the bonds will only appear if any of the wolves manages to finish him during his wolf form make Jaejoong consider staying in his human form ‘Hah aren’t I brilliant?' Jaejoong proudly exclaim in his head eventhought a sound suspiciously like ChangMin scoffed him for being airheaded as being in human form or wolf form is no different when they have chased him and he better run away which will be faster in wolf form. He feel like smacking the brat head now.

Jaejoong would make a turn to another alley and sprint off outside the school vicinity if he didn’t crashes into someone and sending both of them tumbling around. Jaejoong scrambled to stand and exclaimed in utter annoyance once he realizes who the person he crash into. “You? Not again!” he grumbled, seing Jung YunHo trying to find his glasses which flew out. He was going to left the man but he couldnt do it anymore.

Slowly, Jaejoong backed away realizing that all the wolves have catching up toward him. The growl that they send, give a shiver to Jaejoong bodies, but it disgust him.

“You need to get away from here” Jaejoong pushes the confused nerd away. ”What?” YunHo fixed his glasses to his face and then he realizes, a bunch of big dogs are surrounding them, seems like they are ready to pounce. Swiftly, YunHo took Jaejoong behind his body to the pretty man surprise “why there is so many dogs here?” He mumbled as they started to back away from the approaching wolves pack.

“Run Jaejoong, call for help” YunHo nudged Jaejoong away. “what? You are the one who supposed to run” Jaejoong tried to pull YunHo away from being in front of him.

“What are you saying!” YunHo nudged Jaejoong again not realizing that one of the wolf have pounced on their direction, “Watch out!” Jaejoong could feel he is being shoved away as YunHo use the back of his arm to protect him. The wolf claw grazes his uniform before he is being shoved to the ground.

“RUN!” YunHo shouted. Jaejoong stand in haste and run, but a menacing growl makes him turned around. “NO!” Jaejoong shouted in horror as he saw YunHo being pinned by the large wolf but before he could do anything Jaejoong himselves have been tackled away to the ground by another wolfs.

The wolf eyes turned into a slits as he sniff Jaejoong sweet smell, he could feel arousal shiver in Jaejoong body, eventhough the man seems to struggle in his hold. Jaejoong tried to move his leg and arms and whatever body part he can while the wolf, he believe is SeungHyun, start to sniff him. Jaejoong body jerked as another heat flashes inside his body and he scream in agony. he looked as the golden color start to seep into SeungHyun eyes and he struggled more.

What if he is then bonded to SeungHyun? Jaejoong shiver, oh eww, do he have to deal with this weak wolves and do as he say? Jaejoong imagine going around with SeungHyun arms around his waist and have to watch as the man makes another lame joke and he is supposed to laugh at it? Okay no way in hell. He could actually hear ChangMin clackle in the back of his head, surely ChangMin would never go to that extent right?

The wolf above him growled in annoyance as he is busy with his inner battle and stomped more on Jaejoong body. “Arggghhh!!” Jaejoong scream as the wolf claws is really hurting him. The wolf fangs elongated his mouth ready to bite on Jaejoong shoulder.

YunHo who is struggling to fend of the wolf currently crawling on his bloody hand snapped to the direction of the scream and saw Jaejoong being pinned to the ground. The scream continue as the wolf above Jaejoong opened his mouth, one of his paws pushing Jaejoong head aside, ready to mark claim. The wolf above YunHo growled and then all YunHo could see was red.

A growl emanate from YunHo’s throat took the attention of the wolves, they watches, almost mesmerized as his eyes glazed in golden hue, his teeth elongated and a claw started to grow. The side of his clothes begin to tear as he somehow gained strength to push the wolf bigger claw from his body.

YunHo’s free hand took a grasp at the wolf mouth to free his other bloody hand, the wolfs whine as little by little his fangs being pushed out from the hand. A roar is the only thing the wolf could hear before a big black shadow suddenly strike the wolf far across to the ground.

Jaejoong who have been struggling to free his head for SeungHyun claw realized that somehow the wolf have stopped his claw. He opened his eyes slowly to see that SeungHyun didnt even pay attention to him, his eyes focussed on another direction. The one where YunHo was supposed to be.

Frightened of what might happened, Jaejoong bravely push the paw away to check on YunHo but the boy was nowhere to be found, In the place, however stand a big wolf he never saw. With black fur covering all part of his body, the golden eyes of the wolf staring in his direction, the claw of the black wolf paws was so strong it created a dent on the ground and sharp canine peaked from his mouth as the wolf growled menacingly. Jaejoong could see traces of YunHo clothes under it’s paw and the glasses which broken into half he belatedly aware that the wolf previously pining the nerd is now laying in the corner, whimpering. The black wolf started to dash to Jaejoong place.


SeungHyun instinct took back after the initial shock and he too also launches himselves to the black wolf. It a futile attempt to as he is only to meet the black wolf canine. Jaejoong watches as the Seunghyun body flying accross before he too crashes to the ground. The wolf body bounces a couple of time before it become still.

YunHo growl become heavier as he watches the other wolves trying to reach for the two wolves sprawling in the ground. He roared one time and in an instant, the wolves backed away, some of them a bit later than other as they tried to pull SeungHyun and its that actually ShiWon? with them.

Jaejoong watched the black wolf release one more growl before he turned to Jaejoong side. Jaejoong meeped as he tries to get up fast but not fast enough as he found himself being pinned again, this time by the black wolf. “Yun..” The wolf growl make Jaejoong flinched.

He couldn’t help but being mesmerized at the big golden eyes currently starring at him. The big paw is pushing him but it didn’t hurt as much as SeungHyun and Jaejoong realize that he actually liked the feeling of being pinned by the black wolf, much different to being pinned by SeungHyun, the memory itself make him shudder.

The black wolf start to sniff him and Jaejoong shudder, this time in a good way that Jaejoong has yet to understand. He try to look at anywhere except the wolf nose sniffing from his chest to the direction of his neck. One of his hands automatically closed around the wolf front paw and tugged at the amazingly smooth black fur.

He whined without realizing it when the wolf, YunHo, took a tentative lick at the side of his collar bone. The arousals of the heat that have been forgotten during the attack is coming again and Jaejoong instictively tilted his head aside, giving in to the urge to bare himself to the wolf pinning him. He could feel the wolf grin above his head and Jaejoong blushes.

He took a chance to look at the black wolf when it shifted a bit and Oh- Ohh.. that is. Aassive stiff organ he might as well called swords, hanging, swaying a bit just.. there and Jaejoong gulped, his body voluntarily twitched in delight at the prospect and he whined some more.

He doesn’t even have time to ponder why his body responded so eagerly to this particular wolf as the only think that registered in Jaejoong mind is that ‘oh my god he is going to have sex for the first time and its in public’, he wonder what will happen when there is somebody coming and seeing him being mauled and ‘eaten’ by a giant black wolf, ‘wasn’t it called bestiality or something?’ Jaejoong thought that he watched too many Teen Wolf in his spare time and none of the episode have showed anything this gore (All of the thought that Jaejoong is capable to transform into wolf also is currently loss in his head).

The wolf has started to sniff right beside Jaejoong neck and Jaejoong closed his eyes tight to wait for the inevitable ‘Oh god this is it’. The wolf breathes hard right on his neck and opened his fang, Jaejoong could feel his virgin little heart exploded.

But then nothing happened.

Jaejoong slowly opened his eyes when he feel the weight above him lessen. He blinked a couple of time as he hears someone calling him from distant. The heavy pressure of a wolf that have pinned him just moment ago is gone. Above him, currently sleeping tucked in Jaejoong neck is Jung YunHo in his human form. Jaejoong glances at the body pinning him in wonder. ‘That's.. That’s it?’

“Hyung! you okay!?!?” YooChun skidded in front of his and YunHo laying form. “Uh.. yeah..” he answer unsurely. “We suspect something happen when we hear a growl and we see ShiWon limping away… Did something happen?” Changmin continue as he helped to pull the body above his hyung.

“YunHo Hyung?” JunSu squaked as he realizes the body above Jaejoong is actually YunHo. “Why YunHo is here?” Jaejoong blinked at YooChun “Err.. why YunHo is here.. and naked?” Changmin added in grimace, averting his eyes everywhere but to the naked body he hauled. Jaejoong blinked again,

“ehh..” he eyed YunHo body and then accidentally landed to parts of the body who are very well awake compared to the rest. And he blushed. “Nothing happened!” Jaejoong shouted, getting up fast and dusted his clothes in hurry. “You sure hyung? You look.. agitated” ”

I said nothing.. nothing happen!” Jaejoong answer annoyed, his lips pouted as he sulk before he hmp-ed.  YooChun, JunSu and ChangMin could only gape.


After they hauled and well dressed the unconscious YunHo to the clinic. JunSu insisted that Jaejoong supposed to take care of the sleeping boy, and they leave the both of them.

Jaejoong eyed the sleeping figure beside him let out a sigh, he have shared what had happened with the others and its best that they took care of YunHo first before they addressed the fact that their very human friends is actually a wolf, which they don’t think the person itself is aware of that matter. Therefore its best if they speak about this to the pack first (as what ChangMin said between mouthful of his apple) and also to make sure that YunHo is okay. He sighed again, thinking back about what just happened and blushes hard once he remember the feeling of having the black wolf pinning after his body.

Jaejoong would have time to ponder the meaning of that if not for the sudden movement from his side.

“Urghh..” YunHo groaned sound make Jaejoong attended to him immediately, both hands helping YunHo trying to sit down. YunHo vision was blurry as he tried to open his eyes, he could senses someone touching him, tending to him tenderly, but somehow the smell of the person assaulted him first. Vanilla and wild berry filled his lungs making his head heady, and then he could see Jaejoong face calling his name.

“Hey..” YunHo could see Jaejoong face clearly now, he heaved a sigh of relief seeing the other boy have awaken. “You okay?” is the first words coming from YunHo mouth, still a bit disoriented. “I saw… dogs.. big dogs..” YunHo words jumbled as he try to clear his head. He could remember a bit of what happen but everything is still blurry, he could smell blood now, his own blood registered in his nostril and then suddenly everything that happen rushed inside of him, Jaejoong running, him chasing Jaejoong, bumping with him, wolves, the wolves attacking him, attacking Jaejoong. Image of Jaejoong writhing and screaming in agony under a wolf, the wolf that tried to claim Jaejoong. His Jaejoong.

Its shocked Jaejoong when YunHo started to growl all of a sudden, his fangs showing and his breathing harsh, his eyes flicker from brown to golden every second as he clutched tightly at Jaejoong “Wolves..”. “Attacking..” Jaejoong winced at the tight grip, he began to try to free himself from YunHo’s clutch.

“YunHo!” Jaejoong called to the other boy, who began to shift into his wolf form again “Must protect..” YunHo said between his growl

“YunHo!” Jaejoong scream again to take the boy attention which luckily have apparently hear Jaejoong plead now. YunHo golden eyes shifted to met Jaejoong's and whatever transpired at that moment make Jaejoong suddenly understand what was happening inside of YunHo mind.

He thought that they are still surrounded by the wolves, he thought that Jaejoong is being attacked and he wanted to protect him, to protect Jaejoong. Jaejoong couldn't help but melt at the protectiveness radiating from the still disoriented man before him and his heart skips a beat. Unconsciously, he have began to console and to reassure the man that they are safe now.

“Hey..its okay” he stroked YunHo side. YunHo growl again, sniffing his surrounding.  Jaejoong quickly shushed him and took his chin before connecting their forehead together “Its okay.. We are safe now.. I am safe now..” he cooed softly for YunHo. “see?” He gestured to the both of them. “There is no one else” he clarified, trying to breath as calmly as he can under YunHo flickering golden eyes.

“Safe?” YunHo asked, his breathing began to calm. Jaejoong nodded his head and smile. “You okay?” YunHo raise his hand and stroked the side of Jaejoong face.

“Yes..” Jaejoong nodded again nuzzling YunHo hand, he began to lean YunHo head to his neck, letting the man sniff him there to soothe him somehow.

Not long, almost as if or maybe Jaejoong scent really calm him, YunHo golden eyes start to waver, his canine fangs start to retreat back to normal as he breathed in Jaejoong scent “Okay.. okay..” YunHo hoarse voices become softer, more human. Hands encircle Jaejoong waist and his breath become more relaxed. And after a couple of minute, he is sleeping soundly again, hugging Jaejoong close.

Jaejoong releases the breath he didn’t realize he held, still not understanding everything that have happened but understanding parts of it at the same time. His hand stroked YunHo shoulder for some time before trying to release the hugs on him which turned into futile attempt as the man keep tightening his hold on Jaejoong waist.

Jaejoong could only sigh helplessly. Deciding that he might as well use the time given for him to recover for today’s event, Jaejoong lowered their body to the bed and joined YunHo to sleep.

After a couple of hours passed, it was YunHo who was first to awake. He could feel a warmness enveloped his body and before he actually open his eyes, he somehow knew that it is Jaejoong who are beside him .

”You are awake?” was the first thing Jaejoong say without really looking, his head still resting by YunHo head. “Yeah..” YunHo answered in small voice.

He looked at their condition before slowly asked “Do we need still to hug like this?” Jaejoong was silent for a moment before he answered “Well.. you need to let go of me first”.

“Oh…” YunHo slowly retracted both his arm who are trapping Jaejoong whole body, including both Jaejoong hands, which after that also slowly releasing the hug he gave YunHo.

Jaejoong quickly get up, backing YunHo. He didn’t get out from the bed thought, opting to sit on the side of the bed while YunHo tried to sit up slowly. Jaejoong is deep in his thought but he could still feel the movement from behind him. After much pondering, setting aside everything else, he think that at the very least and the first thing he need to accepts is that he owned the man a thank you for the help he have somewhat given him. YunHo was silent as he tried to adjust his eyes now that his glasses have broken, while Jaejoong tried to say something but the words refuses him.

After clearing his throat Jaejoong began “Umm.. Thanks.. “ he stutter “I mean, Thank you.. you know.. back then…” he  mumbled somewhat shyly. “Oh..” YunHo answered “Yeah..”, scratching his head, before he continue “but you know Jaejoong-shii” “Jaejoong fidgeted when he heard his name being called that huskily “Yeah?” Jaejoong could feel YunHo tried to straighten himself in the small space. “I hope you wouldn’t bully those dogs again that they become mad at you like that..” Huh? Jaejoong stopped, but YunHo who are by now moving to sit beside him continue “you have bullied me enough I think? Why do you have to bother those dogs also”

Jaejoong could feel one of his vein popped, and you could hear the sound of the chair flying even before you see it.

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