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07 February 2013 @ 06:20 pm
Happy Holidays fallingpetals6! Exchange fic: "The Wedding Date" (Part 1)  
Title: The Wedding Date
Beta: ligerliger
Pairings: Yunho/Jaejoong | Changmin/Yoochun (side)
Genres: AU| Romance | Humour

Disclaimer: This piece of fiction is a rip off of the movie The Wedding Date. I do not own the story or the characters. I just own the words.

Summary: A love so fake it’s real.


“Right, you can do this, Kim Jaejoong. You can do this.” Jaejoong repeats this mantra over and over again as he lies in bed and stares at the ceiling.

His voice mail beeps; Hi, Jung Yunho here. I just wanted to let you know, I got the money and the flight ticket to Canada, and I’ll meet you at the airport in another two hours. Call me when you reach the airport. Cool then, bye.

Jaejoong groans as he rolls out of bed.

“I can’t do this.”

Jaejoong nervously taps his foot as he places a call to Yunho; the latter picks up after three rings. “Hi, I am Jaejoong – ”

“I know, I can see you, turn around.”

Jaejoong turns around and spots the other man walking towards him and Jaejoong can’t help but give him a onceover. Twice.

Tall, auburn brown hair, almond coloured eyes, broad shoulders, arms to kill for, and legs that seem to go on forever. Jaejoong sighs inwardly and wonders how he got this randomly lucky.

“Hi, nice to see you again.” Yunho smiles, his perfectly shaped lips curling into a perfect smile.

“H..i,” Jaejoong stutters, none too attractively. “Glad you could make it.”

“Um.” Yunho smiles kindly. “You are paying me to be here. This is business.”

“Of course…so, I thought I could give you random family background information. So, you know, we could make this,” Jaejoong points at them, “look real.”

“Sure, hit me.”

“Well okay,” Jaejoong starts as they walk towards their departure gate. “Right, I was four when my parents got a divorce, and I was six when my mother married our neighbour Mr Park and that’s why I have a stepbrother, Yoochun. Now, Yoochun’s getting married to Changmin; they’ve been dating for nearly two years now, and Changmin finally proposed last month, and the wedding is in two weeks, so that’s why they need me there, you know, groom’s brother and all.”

Jaejoong stops for a breath and Yunho nods his head in understanding. “Okay, question,” Yunho asks, before Jaejoong can start speaking again.


“Why have you hired me as a boyfriend? I mean – ”

“Oh um, petty reasons.” Jaejoong blushes. “But mostly because I want my family to think that I am happy and that I am not a loner without friends and not getting any sort of sexual action.”

“But, when in reality, you clearly are.”

Jaejoong scoffs and stutters, “I beg your pardon, that’s none of your concern.”

“But, I am your boyfriend.” Yunho smiles so charmingly. “It is my concern.”

“You only start pretending when we land there, not so soon.”

“Oh, so what, this is overtime? I demand to be paid for the extra time, then.”

Jaejoong's jaw drops as he stares at Yunho. “You’re joking, right? I just spent my life savings on you; you possibly don’t think I can afford more.”

“I am kidding,” Yunho says, bumping shoulders with Jaejoong. “But you should know I take my work very seriously.”

“Right, and no one can appreciate that more than I do and this is going to work,” he tells this more to himself than to Yunho.

“It’s a fourteen-hour flight,” Yunho says, checking his ticket and ignoring Jaejoong’s little comment.

“Yeah, so?”

“What am I going to do for fourteen hours?” Yunho asks, looking exasperatedly at Jaejoong.

“Sleep? Like any normal person? We are traveling first class.”

“I can’t sleep for fourteen hours.”

“Sure you can; I’ll show you.” Jaejoong grins widely as they board their plane.

For the better half of fourteen hours (thirteen hours and thirty minutes, Jaejoong’s counted), Yunho keeps talking. (“What does this button do?” – “Oh my god, these seats are amazing” - “I usually travel in economy, so yeah, this is really cool, thanks, Jae. I can call you Jae, right?” - “Man, the food is awesome. I love this flight.”-  “How much more longer? Twelve more hours, are you freaking serious?” - “I’m bored.” - “Is that a tattoo?” - “Hey, you want to play a game?” - “What movie are you watching? Yuck, why? Check this movie out.” -  “Jae, I am really bored.” – “So why do you not have a real boyfriend.” – “I want some juice” – “I am honestly really bored” – “Do you get porn on inflight movies? Because that would be awesome”)

By the time the flight lands on Canadian grounds, Jaejoong wonders how he’s going to stick with this man for the next two weeks.

“I see him! Hey, Jaejoong, hi,” someone yells when Yunho and Jaejoong walk out of the airport.

Jaejoong grabs hold of Yunho’s arm and pulls him back. “Okay, the one calling out to me is Yoochun, my stepbrother, and the guy with him is Changmin, his fiancé.”

“Right, gotcha.”

“Hi, I missed you!” Yoochun grabs hold of Jaejoong and pulls him into the tightest of hugs. “Didn’t let Changmin sleep the whole night last night because of how excited I was.”

“Oh ew, Yoochun I don’t want to know – ” Jaejoong groans, letting go of Yoochun.

“I don’t mean that, idiot.” Yoochun frowns. “I meant I kept babbling and rambling and running around the room because I was so excited you were coming.”

“Yeah,” Changmin says. “Didn’t let me sleep at all. And now that you’re here, I am hoping for a good night's sleep. Or a two hour nap, whichever works.” Changmin grins.

Jaejoong smiles wearily at them; fourteen hours of Yunho talking and jet lag and Yoochun’s excitement was not good for Jaejoong’s physical or mental health, but first things first –

“Yoochun, Changmin, I want you guys to meet Yunho,” Jaejoong introduces Yunho to the other two. “He’s, uh, he’s – “

“I am his boyfriend,” Yunho says, smiling at the couple. “Nice to finally meet you guys. Jaejoong has told me so much about the both of you.”

Yoochun and Changmin exchange glances as they shake hands with Yunho. “I am sorry, but Jaejoong’s never spoken about you.”

Yunho laughs (Jaejoong notes how manly and sexy he sounds) and wraps an arm around Jaejoong and pulls him close to his body. “That’s because we only started dating a week ago. I had to chase him a lot; not an easy one, this one,” Yunho says, glancing at Jaejoong with love. “But he’s a keeper.”

Yoochun smiles (like a crazy person) at Jaejoong and Yunho. “Let’s go? Mom and dad are waiting for you.”

The four of them walk together, and Yoochun grabs Jaejoong’s arm and whispers hurriedly, “We have so much to talk about.”


The ride home is a good half-hour drive, and Jaejoong thanks whatever stars when Yoochun and Changmin let him doze off, and Yunho too, thankfully, dozes off.

Jaejoong wakes when the car comes to a complete halt, and he finds Yunho fast asleep, head leaning on the window, and it’s sort of cute how Yunho’s jaw is slightly hanging open.

ldquo;Wake up, lovebirds!” Yoochun calls out them, as he gets out the car. “We’re home.”

“Hey…” Jaejoong shakes Yunho lightly. “Hey, wake up. We’re home.”

Yunho shifts towards Jaejoong and buries his face into Jaejoong’s neck. “I don’t want to wake up. So sleepy.”

“Sleepyhead, we’re home.” Jaejoong laughs, pushing Yunho off him.

“Oh ew, Jae, no making out in my car,”  Changmin protests when he pulls up the passenger door to pull the baggage out.

“We are not making out!” Jaejoong argues back, but it’s too late; Changmin’s announcing it to everyone.

“Yoochun, ask your brother to stop making out in the car!”

“Jae has a boyfriend?” Jaejoong hears his mother squeal and groans as he steps out of the car. He looks back at Yunho; despite the long journey and how sleepy and jet lagged the latter is, he looks handsome. Very handsome, especially with the windswept hair.

“Ready?” Jaejoong asks Yunho.

“I was born ready, baby.” Yunho grins.

“Jae, baby!” Jae’s mother comes running towards her son and engulfs him in a tight hug. “Oh, pumpkin, I have missed you so much. When did you become so busy that you can’t even fly to meet your family anymore? Last I saw you was with that awful – ”

“Mum – ” Jaejoong interrupts his rambling mother. “I want you to meet Yunho, my boyfriend. Yunho, this is my mother.”

“Mrs Kim.” Yunho bows respectfully. “You are lovelier than I thought you would be.”  Yunho smiles that smile of his, and Jaejoong’s mother just blushes like a schoolgirl.

“That’s Mrs Park for you, young man,” comes a voice and it’s Yoochun’s dad.

“Dad.” Jaejoong smiles and hugs the man. “How have you been?”

“I am fine now that my entire family is together,” Mr Park says as he lets go of Jaejoong. “And you.” He turns to Yunho. “Jaejoong’s boyfriend, huh? How serious are you with my son?”

“Dad.” Jaejoong rolls his eyes and walks towards Yunho. “We just got here. Can we talk about this later?”

“Yeah, honey,” Jaejoong’s mother walks up to her husband and smiles at Yunho and Jaejoong. “Let’s go in, Changmin must be hungry.”

“Your father is scary,” Yunho whispers, collecting his bags and walking into the house with Jaejoong.

“He’s just protective of Yoochun and me; Changmin had to go through the same thing.” Jaejoong sighs as he tugs his suitcase behind him.

“Here, let me,” Yunho offers and takes Jaejoong’s bag and carries it effortlessly.

Jaejoong follows Yunho, admiring the other man’s strength.


Jaejoong’s mom shows them to their room – which is technically Jaejoong’s childhood room – so Jaejoong is pretty damn embarrassed.

“You had Ben 10 sheets.” Yunho laughs and sits down on the mattress. “This is cute.”

“Um, yeah,” Jaejoong says, embarrassed, as he looks for other sheets. “My mom didn’t really renovate my room…so yeah.”

“Hey, relax. I had Barbie sheets, but that was because of my sister; but still, I had Barbie sheets.”

Jaejoong laughs a little. “I suppose that is a bit more embarrassing.”

“Yes it is,” Yunho smiles. “So where is your room?”

“Uh, you’re kind of in it right now.”

“So…where’s my room?”

“The thing is, we have to share a room. You see, it’s because Yoochun and I refused to share a room as we grew up so Yoochun got the guest room converted to his bedroom, so we sort of don’t have extra rooms.”

“Right, so we’ll be sleeping together?”

“In the manner of speaking, yes.”

“I am going to have to be paid extra for this then,”  Yunho says and stretches out on Jaejoong’s bed. “Man, this bed is goddamn comfortable.”

Jaejoong huffs slightly and walks over to the bed and pushes Yunho to one side. “Scoot your ass, I need to fit in.”

“Paid extra,” Yunho mumbles as he makes space for Jaejoong and Jaejoong slips in between the sheets and soon enough, they are snoozing.


Jaejoong cracks an eye open when he feels his mother shaking him. “Jae, I know you’re tired, but you need to wake up and freshen up so we can have lunch together,” she says softly, running her hands through her son’s hair.

Jaejoong hums and nods, and his mother plants a kiss on his forehead and leaves the room. Jaejoong tries to shift, but stops when he realizes Yunho has his arm wrapped around his middle and Yunho’s pressed up against his back. Jaejoong doesn’t really want to move because it’s so comfy and Yunho’s warm and it is sort of cold in his room.

“Waz that yo mum?” Yunho mumbles in his sleep and pulls his arm back, much to Jaejoong’s disappointment.

“Yeah.” Jaejoong yawns. “We need to wake up and freshen up so we can meet them for lunch.”

“Right, okay.” Yunho sits up. “I call shotgun. Going for a bath first.”

Jaejoong laughs; “Go ahead, I wasn’t even looking forward to having a bath. I am just going to enjoy all this space by myself.”

Jaejoong watches Yunho wave as he walks into the bathroom and Jaejoong dozes off again.

“Hey Jae….”

Jaejoong groans; why don’t people just let him sleep?


He snaps his eyes open, and Yunho’s face is inches away from his; Jaejoong jumps back. “Sorry for shocking you.” Yunho grins. “Your turn to take a shower but I think I used up all the hot water so you better wait a bit. Hey, have you seen my boxers? I was so damn sure I had kept them on top of the table here.”

Jaejoong sits up, brain fuzzy from everything and Yunho’s questions were just bouncing off of him. “Yunho, can you – ” Jaejoong shuts up the moment his gaze falls on Yunho.

Yunho stands in the middle of the room wrapped in nothing but a towel, his hair wet from his bath and tiny drops of water rolling down his well-built, brazen upper torso; Jaejoong has to remind himself to breathe.

“Hey, you’ll have to pay me extra if you’re going to stare.”

Jaejoong frowns. “Seriously, is money that important to you?”

“Well…yeah. Isn’t it to everyone?” Yunho asks.

Jaejoong heaves a sigh, picks up a towel and heads for the bathroom and doesn’t listen to Yunho’s “I don’t think you’ll get any hot water, I used it all up.”


When Jaejoong comes out of this bath, he finds Yunho (dressed and looking good) in the kitchen talking and laughing with his mother. Jaejoong stops midway when he sees his mother laughing at something Yunho had said. “She’s really happy, huh?”

Jaejoong turns around to find Yoochun standing next to him, smiling like an idiot. “She was so happy when Changmin proposed, and she was so much happier when I told her you were coming for the wedding.”

Jaejoong smiles at his brother and takes his hand. “I am so happy for you, Yoochunnie. I am so glad for you and Changmin.”

“How is it that you never told me about Yunho?” Yoochun frowns. “You were the first one to know about Changmin.”

“It just – it just happened so quickly and I thought I’d surprise you guys, you know?” Jaejoong says, trying to make something up quickly. How was he supposed to explain that he had hired Yunho to pretend to be his boyfriend?

“Oh, well, I am just really happy for you,” Yoochun says, and Yunho and Jaejoong’s mother walk out of the kitchen, Yunho helping her carry some of the dishes.

“Hello, love.” Yunho smiles at Jaejoong. “You never told me your mum was so much more fun than you.”

“She gave birth to me; she must be some kind of awesome right?” Jaejoong replies smugly as he follows his mom and Yunho out to the dining hall.

“Is that my cousin I hear?”

Jaejoong stops and smiles widely when he hears his cousin, Kim Taeyeon. “Oh my God, Taeyeon!” Jaejoong laughs as she runs up to him and hugs him tightly. “Oh my God. I missed you, Taeng.”

Taeyeon laughs and hugs her cousin tighter. “Yoochun, the asshole, didn’t tell me you were coming here till this morning.”

oochun laughs as he ruffles her hair. “C’mon, it was a good surprise, wasn’t it?”

“Sure.” Taeyeon smiles and hugs Jaejoong closer.  She lets go of Jaejoong when she sees Yunho in the dining room. “Who is that and can I have him?” She whistles.

Yoochun exchanges amused glances with Jaejoong and puts an arm around Taeyeon. “Yunho!” he calls out to him. “I don’t think you’ve met our cousin, Taeyeon. Taeyeon, this is Jaejoong’s boyfriend, Yunho.”

“Hot damn, you are fine,” Taeyeon says and grins and Yunho laughs out loud. “Thank you, you’re damn fine yourself.”

“The best looking in the family.” Taeyeon laughs and turns to Jaejoong. “I like him. Keep him.”

“Lunch, everybody!” Jaejoong’s mom announces and everyone follows her out to the dining room.

Changmin walks into the dining room and excuses Jaejoong away from everyone. “What’s up?” Jaejoong asks when he sees the look on Changmin’s face.

“I should have told this to you a long time ago but I knew you wouldn’t have come – ”

“Changmin, what’s wrong?&rdquo

“The thing is,” Changmin sighs in frustration, “the thing is, Kibum is going to my best man.”

“Yeah, I know that.” Jaejoong nods.

“Oh.” Changmin freezes.

“Yeah, Yoochun told this to me. You know he can never keep his mouth shut.”

Changmin smiles awkwardly, and Jaejoong laughs. “It’s okay, Changmin, I am not going to let what happened between Kibum and me three years ago affect Yoochun's and your day; I mean, it’s about you guys. And it’s supposed to be that way.&rdquo

Changmin smiles and gives Jaejoong a half-hug. “C’mon then, lunch.”

Changmin and Jaejoong walk into the dining hall, and Jaejoong freezes when he sees Kibum walking into the house. “Oh yeah, he was coming for lunch today,” Changmin whispers, and Jaejoong looks at him with wide eyes.

“What are you doing here, you asshole?” Taeyeon makes a face at Kibum. “Isn’t it enough that you ruined my cousin’s life?”

“Taeyeon,” Jaejoong’s mother warns her. “Come in, Kibum, you’re just in time for lunch.”

Kibum smiles a little and goes still when he spots Jaejoong. “Hi,” he says, his lips forming something small of a smile.

“Hi,” Jaejoong replies, smiling a little himself.

“Wow, it’s been so long,” Kibum says, looking at Jaejoong. “You really, wow, you really look good.”

“Um, thanks.” Jaejoong nearly blushes.

“Hey, Kibum.” Taeyeon walks up and stands next to Jaejoong. “Have you met Jaejoong’s awesome, super-hot boyfriend?”

Jaejoong lightly pinches Taeyeon’s side and smiles at Kibum. “Yeah, c’mon, I’ll introduce you to him. Yunho~~!”

Yunho comes walking to where the trio are standing. “What’s up?”

“This is Kibum, Changmin’s best friend, and he’s going to the best man at the wedding,” Jaejoong says.

“Oh, nice to meet you,” Yunho says, bowing to Kibum.

“And this, “Jaejoong says, walking to Yunho and wrapping an arm around Yunho’s waist, “this is Yunho, my boyfriend.”

Kibum smiles at the couple and nods at Yunho. “Nice to meet you too, Yunho-sshi.”

“He’s perfect, isn’t he Kibum?” Taeyeon snaps and Jaejoong rolls his eyes.

“Taeyeon, I think mum is calling you; why don’t you go?”

Taeyeon makes a face at Jaejoong, gives Kibum a onceover, and leaves.

“I am going to find Changmin,” Kibum announces to no one in particular. “It was nice meeting you, Yunho-sshi.” Kibum smiles at Yunho and nods at Jaejoong and leaves in search of Changmin.

“Am I missing something?” Yunho asks when Jaejoong lets go of him.

“Hm? Missing something? “Jaejoong looks up at Yunho. “I don’t know what you mean?”

Yunho stares at Jaejoong for a minute and shakes his head. “Nothing much, come on. Your mum is waiting for us to have lunch.”


Everyone retires to relaxing after lunch; Taeyeon’s dozed off on the couch in the living room, Yoochun and Jaejoong’s parents are lying down in their room, Changmin, Yoochun, and Kibum have gone out for a walk or something; Jaejoong isn’t sure. And Yunho and he both want to sleep.

“Look, I am not cool with sharing a bed with you.” Yunho pouts as he sits on the mattress in Jaejoong’s bedroom.

“What the fuck?” Jaejoong frowns. “I am sorry, but this is my bed and you’re in my bedroom, I think you should follow my rules here.”

“As hot as that may sound, you’re paying me to make sure you look good. Let’s be honest, I have more control here.”

Jaejoong lets out a frustrated yell and grabs a pillow and hits Yunho on the head with it. Yunho screams out of surprise, grabs the pillow away from Jaejoong and starts hitting him while Jaejoong manages to get hold of another pillow.

It turns into a full-fledged pillow fight. 

Yunho makes a surprise move and grabs Jaejoong around the middle, pushes him on the bed and starts to tickle the smaller man.

“Hey…” Jaejoong manages to speak between his laughter. “…hey…not fair. Yunho, get off; I can’t breathe, oh my god….” Jaejoong squeals and wriggles under Yunho but the latter is too strong, and he’s practically sitting on Jaejoong and having the time of his life torturing the other man

The door suddenly opens and Kibum walks in and freezes mid-step. “Oh, sorry.”

“Kibum.” Jaejoong sits up.

“Sorry, I thought this was Changmin’s room. I am sorry.” Kibum shuts the door and Jaejoong can hear his retiring footsteps and that’s when Jaejoong realizes what an awkward situation they were in; Yunho straddling Jaejoong and Jaejoong red in the face with messy hair. Right. Awkward.

“Right, so am I getting the bed?” Yunho asks, getting off of Jaejoong.

“No,” Jaejoong replies and rolls around on the bed.

“Okay, then are you at least going to tell me what your deal with Kibum is?”

“What deal?” Jaejoong asks, looking at Yunho.

“Jaejoong, please, I wasn’t born yesterday. Don’t insult me.”

Jaejoong sighs and sits up, facing Yunho. “Okay so, Kibum is my ex-fiancé.”

“Right, so what happened?”

“We broke up. He dumped me. He said he didn’t think we were ‘right’ for each other or whatever.” Jaejoong rolls his eyes.

“How long were you guys together for?”

“Seven years.”

“Holy shit, that’s a long time.”

“Yes, it is.” Jaejoong sighs. “We broke up three years ago. It was actually quite horrible.”

“And that’s when you returned to Korea?”


“Do you still, you know, like him?”

“I don’t know. Can I discuss all this with my boyfriend?” Jaejoong smiles playfully and Yunho laughs. “Sure, I can be your half-therapist. But you know – ”

“You have to be paid.”

Yunho laughs louder. “Yes.”

“You’re unbelievable, Jung Yunho.” Jaejoong smiles, rolling to a corner to make space for Yunho; “If you’re going to take money as my therapist, can we share the bed, and can you not charge me for that?”


The following day, Yunho wakes up to Jaejoong’s hair tickling his face; he cracks an eye open and half-sighs when he sees Jaejoong fast asleep mere centimetres away from his face.

Yunho’s never been an escort for a wedding; the closest he’s been to being an escort for a family gathering was for a funeral. And that, too, because the deceased’s son wanted to come out to the family and didn’t have a boyfriend and had hired Yunho to pose as one; it was an unusual story.

Yunho slowly tucks a strand of hair behind Jaejoong’s ear and smiles when the latter makes a small noise and cuddles into Yunho’s personal space. Yunho moves back, but Jaejoong whines and latches his arm around Yunho’s middle, and Yunho sighs. He likes Jaejoong, he knows Jaejoong is real and sincere, and Yunho knows this because he’s been with a lot of people. A lot.

Yunho feels bad for Jaejoong and his situation with Kibum and Kibum being the best man to his brother’s wedding, and Yunho sort of decides to be the best pretend boyfriend. Yunho muffles a giggle when Jaejoong cuddles closer to him and rests his face in the crook of Yunho’s neck.

Yunho smiles and slowly pats Jaejoong’s head, and the door bursts open and Taeyeon and Yoochun come bumbling in and stop abruptly when they see the couple on the bed cuddling. “Ssh,” Yunho says, placing a finger on his lips. “Princess is still sleeping. He gets very handsy when he’s tired.”

Taeyeon practically swoons, and Yoochun grins and pulls Taeyeon behind him. “Mum says the both of you need to wake up and get ready; we’re leaving for the farmhouse in an hour or so.”

“Farmhouse?” Yunho questions but Yoochun and Taeyeon have already left the room. “Jae.” Yunho slowly shakes the sleeping man. “Hey, Jae.”

Jaejoong groans and tightens his hold on Yunho. “Woah. Can’t…breathe.” Yunho struggles. “Hey, Kim Jaejoong!” Yunho half-yells into Jaejoong’s ear and the latter jumps up.

“Oh my – fuck – what time is it?”

“Good morning, precious.” Yunho smiles, jumping up and stretching. “Next time we go to bed, tell me you like to cuddle just so that I can be mentally prepared for your hands, legs, and face all over me.”

“Oh.” Jaejoong rubs his eye and smiles sheepishly. “Sorry. What time is it?”

“Nine.” Yunho yawns. “Oh, Yoochun and Taeyeon informed me that we have to get ready to go to some farmhouse. What farmhouse?”

“Oh, um…” Jaejoong lies back down on the bed and starts to pull the blanket over himself but Yunho stops him.

“What farmhouse, princess?”

“Yoochun and Changmin are going to get married at our farmhouse.” Jaejoong yawns and frowns when Yunho strips him of the blanket and puts it away. “I want to sleep some more.”

“No more sleeping, princess.” Yunho shakes his head. “Mum asked us to get ready and we have to leave in an hour. Get up, Jae.”

“Noooo,” Jaejoong whines and curls up into a ball on the mattress. “I don’t want to travel; can’t we just watch Changmin and Yoochun’s wedding through Skype, I don’t know...”

Yunho chuckles and gets ahold of Jaejoong’s hand and pulls him. “Bathroom, now. I am giving you twenty minutes to get ready.”

“Here’s your towel, your boxers.” Yunho throws a towel and pair of boxers at Jaejoong and Jaejoong’s almost dozing off, leaning on the wall. “Jaejoong!” Yunho shakes him and holds him close. “Wake up, idiot.”

Jaejoong snorts. “What?”

“Here’s your towel, boxers, and your morning kiss.”

And without warning, Yunho leans forward and presses a light kiss to Jaejoong’s lips. “I am going to go and say hello to everyone now,” Yunho says and walks away.

What a way to wake up.


So basically, Yoochun and Jaejoong’s family is going to the farmhouse, which is a good two-hour drive away, and it is tucked somewhere in the countryside; it’s the perfect place for a wedding, or so Yoochun thinks.

Jaejoong’s parents and Taeyeon’s parents call dibs on the minivan; Taeyeon sneaks into the van and refuses to move out. Changmin, Yoochun, Yunho, and Jaejoong have to travel in Changmin’s car, but there is a problem: Kibum is travelling with them as well.

“Well, we can't all possibly squish ourselves into my car,” Changmin says, looking around uncomfortably.

“Why don’t you guys go ahead, and I’ll hire a rented car. Jaejoong and I will follow you, Changmin,” Yunho suggests and Jaejoong looks at Yunho gratefully. The idea of staying in the same space as Kibum for more than ten minutes makes Jaejoong feel nauseous.

“Sure, hang on. I’ll call the service for you,”  Changmin says, and fishes for his cell phone.

“Yunho.” Jaejoong pulls Yunho away from Changmin, Yoochun, and Kibum.

“Yes, darling?” Yunho smiles, leaning on the wall behind him.

“I – um, why did you kiss me in the morning?”

Yunho laughs a little and pulls Jaejoong by his waist and nuzzles his cheek. “Just because.”

“Not a very good reason,” Jaejoong says, trying to pull away from Yunho’s (strong) grip.

“Listen, if we are going to make this work, we have to make it as real as possible,” Yunho says, holding Jaejoong in place. “If you are going to keep thinking this is some sort of business, then it is, obviously, not going to work. The trick in making it look real is believing it is real.”

Jaejoong giggles and hides his smile behind his hand and Yunho looks at him with amusement. “What?” Yunho asks. “What? Why are you laughing?”

“You're always so full of energy; I bet I can wake you up at two in the morning and you’d still be so full of energy.”

Yunho grins. “If you are going to wake me up at two, I am going to make you pay, literally.”

Jaejoong laughs, and Yunho watches him silently, pulls him closer, and kisses him again. This time it isn’t a peck on the lips; it’s a full blown kiss, and Jaejoong feels traces of Yunho’s tongue against his lips and he sighs, mostly because God knows how long it’s been since he last kissed someone, and Yunho’s a damn good kisser with his soft lips and warm breath.

“Yo!” Changmin calls out, and Yunho pulls back and breaks into a wide grin.

“Sorry,” Yunho says, letting go of Jaejoong, and walks towards Changmin and Jaejoong does not miss the way Kibum’s staring at Yunho; there is some sort of burning jealousy in his eyes. Jaejoong feels good – for some cheap reason, he feels happy about himself.


Yunho and Jaejoong are the last ones to reach the farmhouse; Taeyeon winks at Jaejoong, and he rolls his eyes and looks over at Yunho, who’s struggling with the bags

The farmhouse is big and reminds Yunho of those haunted houses shown in American movies, and Yunho hates those houses. “Big house,” Yunho says, walking up to Jaejoong.

“Hm.” Jaejoong nods. “We used to spend every summer here. Isn’t it lovely?”

“It looks haunted.”

“I know, right?!” Changmin walks up to Yunho. “Thank  you! I have been telling Yoochun since forever, and that man wants to get married here.”

“Shut up, Changmin. It’s romantic,” Yoochun argues.

“It is not romantic. What if I die before I get married?”

“Well, at least you’re not dying a virgin,” Taeyeon says and winks at her soon-to-be brother-in-law.

“It still looks haunted to me.” Yunho shrugs.


“Are you happy now?” Jaejoong asks when he shows Yunho to his room. “You are going to get a room of your own.”

Yunho hums and sits on the mattress and bounces on it. “I am happy, yes.”  Yunho smiles widely. “And I have a bathroom of my own; this is ultra-cool.”

Jaejoong laughs and sits beside Yunho. “I am glad you like it.”

Yunho studies Jaejoong’s face and scoots closer to Jaejoong. “You know, I never usually take up weddings – or any family gatherings.”

“Oh. Then why – ”

“I think it was your voice when you called me that day?”

“I sounded that desperate, huh?” Jaejoong scoffs at himself.

“No, it was hope,” Yunho says. “And I am not a heartbreaker, Jaejoong.” Yunho reaches out for Jaejoong’s hand and holds it tightly. “You don’t need to worry about anything. Or you’re going to get worry lines and your good-looking face is going to be spoiled.”

“Flatterer.” Jaejoong chuckles and twines his fingers with Yunho’s. “Thank you.”

Yunho leans forward carefully, and Jaejoong slowly pushes himself towards Yunho; goosebumps erupt everywhere on Jaejoong’s body when he feels Yunho’s minty breath on his cheek. Should he be doing this anyway? Is this right?

Yunho inches closer, and their lips are almost touching when –

“Hey what do you guys want – I am so sorry!” Taeyeon apologizes and runs out of the room before either of them can say anything.

Yunho chuckles and lies down on his bed. “I am going to lie down for a while. Get out of my bedroom, Jaejoong.”

Jaejoong gasps and hits Yunho on the arm and leaves in a huff.


Everyone decides it’s a wonderful time for barbeque, and Yoochun offers to get some charcoal from the basement and Changmin’s setting up the grill. Taeyeon’s putting on the music, and the elder people are sitting on chairs and sunbathing.

Yunho and Jaejoong find a secluded corner and sit next to each other.

“I swear, the amount of time I am spending with you; I am scared I will fall in love with you.” Jaejoong chuckles, he means it as a joke but there is some amount of truth behind it.

Yunho laughs softly. “Are you scared of falling in love again?”

“I guess.” Jaejoong shrugs. “I mean, I really did love Kibum. And we did have some pretty good times together. I don’t think I am ready for another serious relationship because, fuck, seven years is a long time.”

“It is.” Yunho nods.

“You know, it sucks that you know a fuck lot about me and I don’t know shit about you.” Jaejoong frowns.

“Well, it’s always about you, baby,” Yunho says, smiling lewdly, and Jaejoong hits him on the arm and Yunho laughs.

“Um, okay let’s see…I am poor.” Yunho laughs. “I took up this job because I wanted to pay for my education so that my parents could concentrate on my sister’s education and stuff. I am actually a literature student – ”

“Literature?” Jaejoong asks, clearly shocked.

“Yes.” Yunho smiles. “I love it. Oh come on, don’t look so shocked,” Yunho says, bumping shoulders with Jaejoong.

“Hey, lovebirds!” Taeyeon shouts out to them. “Stop sucking on each other’s faces and help us set this thing up.”

Yunho laughs, standing up, and pulls Jaejoong up. “Yunho.” Jaejoong’s mother smiles at him. “Would you just check why Yoochun’s taking so long? Changmin’s almost set up the grill.”

“Sure thing.” Yunho nods and walks towards the house, and Jaejoong decides to help Changmin cut the meat.

“Oh, thank God you’re here, Jaejoong.” Changmin nearly hugs Jaejoong when he comes over. “This meat is way too tough for me.”

“That’s because you’re cutting it wrong, silly.”


Yunho’s making his way to the basement, but stops when he hears voices from the living room; strange, he thinks, everyone’s outside. Everyone but –

“– why are you doing this? Leave me the fuck alone. I told you already, I am getting married to Changmin. I love Changmin.”

Yunho peeks in and is taken aback when he sees Kibum tightly holding on to Yoochun’s hand and the latter trying to break free from the hold. “You need to leave before anyone sees us,” Yoochun says. “Please leave.”

“And why don’t you understand what I am trying to tell you,” Kibum says. “I’ve been trying to tell you that – ”

Yunho opens the door and stares at the Yoochun and Kibum. Yoochun looks at him with wide eyes and Kibum immediately lets go of Yoochun’s hand. “– that today is a good day for barbeque, and you should pick up the charcoal sooner.” Kibum nods at Yunho and leaves the place.

Yoochun sits down in a heap as soon as Kibum exits and covers his face with his hands. Yunho walks up to Yoochun and stands in front of him. “I am going to stand here till you talk,” Yunho says, and Yoochun sighs out loud.

“I hate this place like I love this place,” Yoochun starts. “There have been so many memories here. Good, bad, sorrowful, happy – that’s why I want to get married here. My dad asked Jaejoong’s mom to marry him here, in this house, once when we were vacationing. And then I knew that this was where I was going to get married.”

“Yoochun,” Yunho starts, and Yoochun cuts him off.

“I am getting there.” Yoochun sighs. “But first you need to know that I love Jaejoong. I really do,” Yoochun says and looks up at Yunho. “We were inseparable when we were younger, but things happen, times change, people move on. And I swear, I did not mean to hurt Jaejoong at all. And it was a mistake.”

“Yunho,” Yoochun continues. “I need you to promise that what I am about to tell you will not leave this room. I want to be the one to tell Jaejoong this, and till then, no one can.”

“I don’t know – ”

“Promise me, please?”

“Alright, I promise.&rdquo



“Are the both of you done cutting the meat?” Taeyeon asks, walking up to Jaejoong and Changmin.

“Yes almost.” Jaejoong nods, placing pieces of meat on a plate. “Changmin here is hopeless when it comes to cutting meat.”

“I wonder how Yoochun is going to live with him, then,” Taeyeon says. “Yoochun loves a meat cutter.”

“Oh shut up, Taeng,” Changmin snaps and rolls his eyes.

“Hey.” Kibum joins them and Taeyeon rolls her eyes. “Hey, Jaejoong, can I talk to you for a while?”

“No,” Taeyeon answers, and Jaejoong clicks his tongue in disapproval.

“Now?” He asks Kibum, and Kibum nods.

“Oh, I’m helping Changmin cut the meat.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure Changmin can handle it. And Taeyeon is here to help.”

“I don’t know, Kibum – I – ”

“Oh, just go,” Changmin mutters, pulling the plate of meat away from Jaejoong. “I’ll be fine. I will make Taeng work.”

Taeyeon and Changmin watch as Kibum and Jaejoong walk together. “I don’t like him talking to Jaejoong,” Taeyeon growls. “He’s such an asshole.”

“Look, they have no bitter feelings when it comes to each other, so why do you?”

“It’s because – Jaejoong was broken when Kibum dumped him. It’s just not fair.”

Changmin sighs as he ruffles Taeyeon’s hair. “It’s alright, everything’s going to be okay.”

“Did you just touch my hair with the same hand you’ve been cutting meat with?”


Kibum and Jaejoong walk away from the family and sit on a bench. “Hi.” Kibum smiles, turning to Jaejoong.

And Jaejoong can feel his heart melting; it was this smile Jaejoong had fallen for. The one that made Kibum’s eyes disappear into crescent moons. It made Kibum look so adorable and cute.

“Hello.” Jaejoong smiles.

“How have you been, Jae? I haven’t seen you since – well, since a long time now,” Kibum says.

“Oh, you know, I have been busy with work.” Jaejoong shrugs. “And Yunho; it’s been hectic.”

“Hm, Yunho. How long have you known Yunho for?” Kibum asks.

“I've known Yunho for almost two years now.&rdquo

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something,” Kibum says, looking at Jaejoong in the eye.

“And that is?” Jaejoong asks, but is completely distracted when he sees Yunho walking towards him. “Yunho,” Jaejoong whispers, completely ignoring anything that Kibum was saying.

“What? No, Jae weren’t you listening?”

“Huh? No – I just. Yunho looks disturbed. Be right back, Kibum.”

Jaejoong gets up and briskly walks up to Yunho and holds him by the arm. “Hey, what’s wrong? Why are you like that?”

Yunho stares at him intently and Jaejoong frowns. “Yunho, you’re starting to scare me.”

“Well, obviously, I’ll be pissed if I find my boyfriend talking to his ex,” Yunho says, brows still furrowed.

Jaejoong laughs, and Yunho wraps his arms around Jaejoong and pulls him closer. “Hey,” Yunho whispers and Jaejoong, all of a sudden, is very aware of Yunho touching him.


“Kiss me.”


“Quick. Your ex-boyfriend is staring.”

Jaejoong’s lips curl into a smile, and he leans forward and kisses Yunho on the lips, and Yunho kisses him harder when Jaejoong’s about to pull back.

“You need lessons in kissing,” Yunho says as he pulls Jaejoong to where everyone is making barbeque.

“Please.” Jaejoong rolls his eyes. “You’re just going to ask for more money.”

“True that,” Yunho says, laughing out loud.

The couple walk away completely, forgetting Kibum on the bench.

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