2019 Round - Reveals and Masterlist!

Another Round has finished! Before the reveal, as usual, mods would like to thank everyone who participated in this year's Round, be it as a writer, beta, pinch-hitter or reader - the response was awesome and we're happy that we all made this happen. We would greatly appreciate if you could go and fill out this feedback survey and let us know how was your experience for this 2019 Round!

Special shout out to all those who claimed more than one prompt and pitched in for dropped prompts (and honestly, became mvp's in mod's eyes): Najaeri, Yamine_y, BooBear and Hana_cho.

Thank you all who read the works and left comments for our dear writers! The updated masterlist will be posted to jaeho_detox as well as our AFF profile and shared with the wider YunJae audience. Hopefully, we'll see you all again next year for a bigger, more amazing 2020 Round!

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FINAL WEEK; Legilimency

Title: Legilimency (bonus fic by mod @colpodi_fulmine)
Rating: PG
Genre: HP!au, fantasy, romance
Word count: 2k
Warning: none
Summary: Love isn’t always fluff and sunshine. Especially when you’re in school. Double especially when your Houses have been nemesis since forever

Author's note: It was inspired by a Harry x Draco fanart I saw on Tumblr. If I find it again, I’ll link it here!

[prompt #122] Legilimency
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2019 Round - Schedule!

PROMPTING ENDS Monday, January 14
CLAIMING ENDS Sunday, January 30
1st CHECK-IN Friday, March 1
2nd CHECK-IN Monday, April 15
DROP-OUT DEADLINE Wednesday, May 1
SUBMISSIONS DUE Friday, May 31; @ 18:00 EST (Convert to your timezone here)
POSTING BEGINS Monday, June 10
AUTHOR REVEALS One week after posting ends

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Happy Writing!

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